Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Ups and Downs

We've been fortunate to have a LOT of up days with our boys in the past 3 weeks. So many in fact that it has made the down days that much harder to deal with. This morning we happily went to visit our boys to find Anze back in an incubator and Luca back on oxygen. Definitely put a damper in the day...

Anze's night nurse felt he was cold and decided to put him back in the incubator. Personally, I think the NICU in general is cool... Needless to say he is still in his incubator tonight and hopefully tomorrow he will get to go back to his big boy bed. He seemed happier there!

Luca was having some breathing control issues. He would take some shallow breaths followed by some real quick breaths (like he was hyperventilating) so they decided to put him back on the nasal cannula to help him steady himself. This is common for some babies to yo-yo back and forth with the oxygen before finally deciding to stick with a normal, stable rhythm on their own. However, it is hard to see them take steps backward...

As I said the good days have so far outnumbered the bad days that it made these setbacks really hard for momma. Combine that with the fact that they weren't with us a family for their first Easter and I lost my "wonder woman" status for a bit today. Luckily, the family was real sensitive and didn't ask many questions about the boys allowing me the chance to decompress so that when questions were asked I didn't break down. Daddy was proud of me!

Yurchik had a BLAST today at Teta Tanya's house. He LOVES Anna and she loves him. Anna and Ivanka hid the eggs in the house (filled with cheerios) for him to find. They took him everywhere he wanted to go and never complained. I know they were both tired as was Yurchik. It was so nice to see him happy and playful with his family. He also looked quite handsome today in his sweater vest and tie. He's growing up so fast!

We pray that everyone had a wonderful Easter and spent it with the loved ones and made some new memories to cherish just as we did. He IS Risen....


  1. Good Evening Scoobs, I can only say; when momma is having a bad day, Dadders is not a happy camper either! I feel that pain and want it to go away from YOU and your family! I'm sure the boys will only have a brief setback and like you said be back to an "UP" day manana.. Thank Daddy Yuri for me, for taking such good care, he amazes me to no end!! But then, You all AMAZE me!!! Everyone's going to come out of this on the positive current's of energy, I know it! Please get a good night's rest baby girl and I await tomorrow's report anxiously..I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Dadders/Grandpers XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

  2. Hi Dani!
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Wow! You have three incredibly beautiful boys! Before you know it you will have ALL three crying in your lap in your home and these difficult moments will be a distant memory. We will definitely keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!
    Take care :)
    -Nicole Dougherty