Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, April 29, 2011

Another boob man...

From a girl's perspective boys are infatuated with boobs far too much. Today, I contributed to this social dilemma. Anze was a great boob date... he latched right on and ate until he fell asleep- still attached. The lactation nurse and mom were very proud. We will continue working on it. He's "nippling" (mom or bottle) 2x a day. Once he's only eating from a bottle for 2 straight days he's homeward bound! He also went back into an open crib again. His doctor came in and had the nurses move him to a different section of the room (he's right under the ac vent and next to the door so he's always getting a breeze) to see if that helps him keep his temp up. He was getting his feeding tube changed this morning so I got some pictures of him without any tubes or wires or anything! Gosh, he is just gorgeous!!! He also weighed in tonight at 5lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the prayers coming as his brain scan showed his right hemisphere still had a grade 2 IVH and a grade 1 was seen on the left (doctor doesn't think it's new she thinks it just wasn't caught before...). Prayers that those ventricles close and don't cause any side effects (cerebral palsy).

Luca was still in his big boy crib but back on his oxygen. He has been nicknamed yo-yo as that seems to be what he is doing with his breathing. The doctor is considering putting him on diuretics consistently (like giving him a prescription instead of a single dose). He's currently 4lbs 5oz... gaining weight but not packing it on like his little brother yet. He is also going to wait the weekend out before trying to bottle feed again as he had a hard time multi-tasking (breathing and eating) yesterday. Though he had a hard time pooping and breathing yesterday as well!! What great stories we already have for the future wives!! Did I tell the one about Anze's "exploding butt" while a night nurse changed him- she had to clean his whole isolette (incubator)!!! That made daddy proud of course.

Next week the boys get their eyes checked (they'll be 1 month old- I can't believe it!) and will continue to learn how to eat so they can come home.

Jr has been too much fun this week. He's really talking away (including yelling at Panzer). He's playing and learning how not to share. He and Jayne were stealing from each other all afternoon and fighting to get what they wanted back. It was so cute! They also enjoyed playing in the sprinkler I got. He's spending the night with Babcha and Dido because mom is doing the March of Dimes walk in the morning! Click here to donate to the cause

Mom and Dad are doing fine. Dad's been working a lot of overtime but it's for the fam! Going to the Aquarium to get a little family time in on Sunday. Mom's getting a facial/ hand and food massage/hair cut/ make up on Monday care of the March of Dimes for all NICU moms (WAHOO!!).

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend~ Love from all of us to all of you!

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