Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Movin' on Up

To a big boy crib... so says LUCA Motruk!!!! WOWIE What a week.

Saturday night we left the boys in 2 separate rooms; one in a big boy crib and the other off of oxygen. And then came Easter Sunday... the boys were in the same room but... Anze back in an incubator because he couldn't regulate his temp and Luca back on oxygen because he was hyperventilating. Mom was quite upset with the setbacks but the doctor's said not every day would be a good day. So we said a prayer or 100 and moved on with the day.

Monday was a sleepy day for Anze. He is still in the incubator as they have to wait a few days before trying again (protocols et al). He hung out with dad and slept our visit away in daddy's arms. Luca was still on the oxygen but just flow- so a little extra air to help him out no to breath for him. Luca was being a pain (I think he's going to be my handful one...); he took every lead, wire, tube, etc that was attached to him off. YES- his feeding tube, oxygen, monitors, IV- all of them!!! He was trying to break out of the NICU! He also kept his stats going all day- up, down, up, down. His poor nurse, Holly, had a run for her money with him that day. He even decided to "d-sat" meaning stop breathing and severely drop the oxygen level in his blood causing him to turn blueish while mom was holding him. What a day!

Tuesday was much quieter although Luca decided to stay awake the ENTIRE time between touch times (yes, he was awake for 3 straight hours!!!). He was happy the whole time but wide awake. The nurse said he could have been withdrawing from the narcotics he had been on for so long thus the crazy behaviors for a few days. Anze again was a sleeping baby the whole visit; still in his incubator a few more days. And according to the night nurse he sprayed poo ALL over his incubator mid- change and she had to scrub everything down and change all his linens (after changing them the touch time before!). Daddy laughed of course!

Wednesday, today... Mom showed up this morning to a sleeping Anze (who pooped 2x for mom in a row making her change a fresh diaper- the joy of boys!) who weighed in at 4lbs 9oz!!!!! He isn't showing interest in his pacifier even with it dipped in breastmilk... work in progress. So mom held Anze and loved on him and talked to him and all those wonderful things and then moved over to say Hi to Luca who had started fussing. Well he was sans oxygen AND IV!!! How exciting! He also didn't set off his monitors while I was there (until I held him!). He got some kangaroo time in with mom as well (after changing 2 poopy diapers from him as well!!!). Babcha came and took some pictures and visited for a bit as well. We left the incubator twins for the afternoon fed, changed and loved... and then dad got off work.

While dad was there tonight he got to dress Luca up and hold/ love on him while the nurse prepped his big boy crib! He's in a "green outfit the nurse picked out" (I think it has dinosaurs on it) and wrapped in a million blankets according to dad. LUCA IS IN A BIG BOY CRIB! What a blessing. He has struggled the past 3 weeks and is now catching up to his brother in strides. He weighed in at 4lbs 2 oz today (lost a little over the past day but not enough to be concerned- obviously since he's in a big boy crib). Dad didn't have the camera so there isn't any pictures yet. Oh I cannot wait for them both to be in open cribs and stay that way.

The doctor said today that all they have left to do is gain some weight and bottle/breast feed for 2 straight days and they will be homeward bound!!! So, it's just a short matter of time (I've been hopeful for Mother's Day but I know that's only a week and a half away and asking a lot of my boys). I just want them to come home when they are ready and able without mom and dad having to fear too much about them staying happy and healthy. So... anyone with free time come help me scrub my house down so it's preemie clean and ready because my boys are coming home soon!!!

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  1. This is a great blog reading to read before I go to sleep. So proud of my nephews. Love you all.