Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 6

Mom and Dad and big bro spent a lot of time today working on things around the house so that all the clutter and whatnot of our lives will be put into proper places by the time twins come home. Katie and Bug came and helped as well. Who knew Jr had so many toys... and so many non toys in his toybox! LOL We had a lot of family time outside on the swings, playing bball and driving in the geeksquad bug. Lots of love and laughter throughout the day.

Well, enough about those of us at home... on to the important kiddos! LOL (Mommy loves you Yurchik, you'll always be #1).

When we got to the hospital this morning we saw that Anze was off his vent and using his hockey mask to receive ample oxygen. He's also still off the blood pressure meds. He was squirming around making mom and dad laugh (we took a short video that will be posted soon). He got an extra light for his jaundice; it's not up but it's not down so hopefully the extra light will kick it! He also started feedings today and has been keeping his mommy noms down. YEAH! It's a good thing he's starting to feed because our freezer is running out of room for all the supply we are stocking up!

Luca was off the blood pressure meds and almost off the sedatives. He also has been put on to a new vent that is allowing him to breath with it unlike the jet that was doing all the work. Further proof he is getting stronger! His lung xray showed improvement with the fluid in his lungs although he is retaining a lot of fluids externally which is giving him a puffy, swollen appearance. Stabilizing all his other stats is the priority and then they will work on giving him a diuretic to release that extra fluid. He had a repeat heart echo and we will know the results tomorrow and that will tell us if he is going to get another round of heart meds or if the first round did their job (seems all his stats are improving so we are hopeful).

Both boys got routine brain echos and we will know those results soon as well. The night shift said they are doing great and we can't wait to see them in the morning. Extra excited because we are taking great grandma Mary with us so she can finally meet them after being out of town for their arrival.

Thanks all for the love, prayers and support. Reminder if you'd like to donate blood the paperwork is all filed so just let the hospital know you are designating it for the twins. Anze can accept B and O blood and Luca can accept everyone's blood!! Also you can check out to donate funds to the march of dimes which has been helping preemies for years and without past donations our boys wouldn't be getting the level of care that they are today. Love to all!

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