Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, April 15, 2011

Small miracles... big praises

Anze's brain scan showed clotting!!! That means that it is starting to heal itself. The ventricle in question is still open and a repeat scan will be done in a week to check it again but all seems well right now.

The big news however is... Luca's echo showed a small PDA (it shrank!!!!!!). He was also taken off the ventilator and put on nasal air. He has been holding his own mostly for the last 12 hours. He also started receiving feeds and has been tolerating those. Next step: promotion!!!

Thank you everyone for the prayers... they've made all the difference in the world.

JR has been taking his lawn mower everywhere we go. He seems to be on a regular schedule now (for the most part) which is going to help mom out a lot once his brothers are home.

Dad's been working a lot and coming home super tired but has been able to stop and see the boys almost every day this week despite his exhaustion (although he admits to nodding off bedside!).

Mom's been doing well. Pain is minimal and really only evident when I move wrong. I enjoyed real pizza for the first time since Christmas for dinner tonight- it was divine! Also got to visit some old colleagues who continued to lift my spirits. Oh and most importantly- took a break from picking up the house and whatnot and napped with Jr!

Lots of love from our family of 5 to all you! Until tomorrow...


  1. Need I say it, Thank You God!!!!! My Grandboys will be home soon!!!! Get ready Yurchik, you've got company coming!!!! The Three Muskateers (there were really "4", hint, hint...). I'm so excited for mom and dad and everyone who LOVES these 3...Now Daddy Yuri, if only the Kings and/or Flyers would start winning!!! Thanks for the "Blog" update Scoobers, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

  2. LOL Dad- I have the 4 muskeeters already... did you forget about daddy Yuri?!?! LOL... At least that's what the nurse said today, "Oh my 4 boys under 2; including your husband of course."