Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Monday, April 18, 2011

Babcha and Dido

Luca and Anze finally got to meet their Babcha and Dido today. The joys of being sick when your preemie grandsons are born... NOT...Thank goodness everyone is healthy and now happy.

The boys had a great day. Mom spent the morning with them. Anze got some snuggle time with mom since yesterday dad spent a HUGE chunk of time snuggling Luca. They are both eating away (via the feeding tube). Their IV fluids are being lowered slowly as they increase in breastmilk. Once the IV is set to 0 they will take it out and another promotion will take place... to a "big boy" bed aka a standard hospital crib.

Yurchik has enjoyed the day with the sitter, his parents and grandparents and his auntie Glo (she's spending her spring break at our house!!!).

Things are going to busy with fun stuff this week so if I don't blog every day I'm sorry. But I promise to be sure and post the major things that go on!

Love to all... thanks for the continued prayers and support!

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  1. GO BIG BOY BEDS!!!!! I want pictures of that as soon as it happens, if possible...So happy to hear of the positive progress, it makes me smile inside!! Like I've always said, they'll be home playing hockey before you know it!!! Thankful Yurchik is getting quality family time as well (wish Grandpers was there to assist!!), Sleep well my Daughter and kisses for Daddy Yuri..Grandpers snuggle time with all of the boys too!!! LOVE YOU ALL XXXXXXXOOOOOOO