Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Twins Day 3

I'm tired tonight so I apologize if the blog is a bit short. Today was a quiet day for the boys. They are both being weened from the dopamine medicine so hopefully they will be successful with that and keep their blood pressure stable. Luca is still heavily sedated but did react to touch and even did some slight sucking on the swab with breastmilk on it.

Anze sucked on the swab until he got tired... He also is becoming easily annoyed with all the bells and whistles attached to him. They are irritating his skin and he starts to complain by flinching and twitching and whatnot. He seems to do this only when mom is visiting so she's taking it personally ;).

Both boys have lost around 4oz in weight. Their fluids are being upped as it seems they are peeing like crazy. We just want to be sure they aren't getting rid of the good stuff in their bodies at the same time.

Mom had the first not so great nurse interaction tonight... luckily it was just a nurse that was "watching" Luca while his nurse was on break. At least we know now in case either is ever officially assigned to her.

Since Luca's nurse was on break while mom was there we still don't have official results of the echo. Mom and Dad plan to sit down and chat with the doctor before mom is discharged...

Hoping for a peaceful night for everyone. Yurchik is spending his first night in his toddler bed... hoping daddy doesn't find him wandering the house or trying to get into mom and dad's bed in the middle of the night. Also, that he doesn't go crazy in his sleep and fall out or something! LOL

Love to all!

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