Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today Luca was taken completely off all oxygen support. He is happily breathing on his own. It took him 3 weeks exactly. We are very proud parents!!! He is doing so well. We cannot wait for him to get stronger and bigger and come home! He's weighing in at 3 lbs 14oz today. Just 2 oz shy of 4 lbs!!! Sooo exciting to see him get bigger and now he is getting stronger every day!

Anze got his IV taken out today.... this meant that mom got to bring outfits to the hospital and dress him up! He's wearing a footed onesie that says "Handsome like Dad". He was super happy to meet his Auntie Glo as you can tell from the picture! Mom cannot wait to dress him up every day! :D He's weighing in at 4lbs 1.5oz!!!!!! He had a repeat head ultrasound and we will receive the results tomorrow or Saturday hopefully.

AMAZING How quickly they seem to be progressing. I can only say that this has to be due to the support group they have that have been diligently praying for them- thank you all!

Dad was able to bypass going in for jury duty this week. He was grateful for that as well (he had 2 trainings and a meeting he didn't want to miss for work). Now if the Kings can win tonight...

Mom went to the OB for a "wound check". All is well. Down 16lbs from the last dr appt I had! So happy about that. She said I'm allowed to walk and swim- which I cannot wait to do. I'm sure I will be exhausted from one trip around the block but I'm still determined to do the March for Dimes walk on the 30th.

JR had a great week with Auntie Glo. Today we lounged around the house until the sibling center was open at the hospital where we dropped Jr off so Glo could meet her nephews. He had a great time! He must have at least because he came home and slept for 3 hours!!!!

Wonderful week so far! Hope everyone else has enjoyed their week as well. Love to all!


  1. I'm walking next week- Support March of Dimes

    I'm walking next weekend for my boys! Support March of Dimes so more preemies can get the care my boys are receiving!

  2. Dani you are such an awesome mama!

  3. GREAT work by the two allstars!!!! Over 4 lbs Anze, that's almost suiting up weight! By the way, nice outfil Mommy...So happy Glo got to meet her nephews, that gives me joy. Now Scoobs, that seems like a lot of weight to be losing, am I just being a paranoid dadders? The pictures are wonderful, I can't wait to get there..Glad Yuchik is having fun too, that's so important!! Thank God for the March of Dimes, Pia and I plan on donating and I think her mom already has! Keep up the great work boys, and the fantastic support everyone else!!!!! Love you ALL, Dadders/Grandpers XXXXXXXOOOOOOO "yo" to Panzer!

  4. Dad, Pat and Jack already donated. I sent the receipt that mom got via email to you. Hope Pia forwarded it (I"m sure she did!). About the weight; you have to remember I gave birth to 7 lbs plus all the stuff that goes along with birth. I lost more with Jr I think! LOL

    Grace- Thanks! You're an awesome mom too!