Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Promotion and Prayers

Anze graduated for the first time today... he moved up two rooms! Both boys began in the most intensive room of the NICU, the next step would be the step down intensive room followed by the intermediate/growing room and then finally the fat farm. Anze is now happily enjoying the intermediate/growing room. We are so proud of how strong he is and how well he is doing. Mom enjoyed an entire hour of kangaroo care (skin to skin time). It was heaven!

Please continue to pray for little Luca as he fights so hard... in fact he's fighting too hard. His right lung is partially collapsed. He is going back on the sedatives and a higher rate on his vent so that he doesn't breath on his own and lets the vent breath for him to give his lungs a break and a chance to mature and strengthen. He is also having a second dose of the heart meds to shrink his valve. If the second dose doesn't work he may require surgery to close it. The doctors are certain if the valve closes it will help his blood pressure and lung function and get him on track.

So keep the prayers coming for both boys but say a little extra for Luca please. Love to all....

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  1. Hey daughter, thanks for the extra good news about Anze!!! I have NO doubt Luca will make a complete recovery, he fights too hard not to!!! Super glad you got some "skin" time, that must make you feel like God is good, and Anze got to feel mommy's warmth first hand..Thank you again for the update, I love all of you so very much, it hurts!!!!! The usual PRAYERS and POSITIVE ENERGY are happening without thought, you are doing great as are my grandsons!!!!! I LOVE YOU..XXXXXXXOOOOOOO