Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Luca and Anze birth and day 1

Mommy started hemorrhaging around 9pm on Thursday, March 31st. Daddy called 911 and an ambulance came and took us to the hospital. The bleeding was severe and there was possible separation of the placenta as well as broken water for baby A so we were rushed into an emergency C-section. It only took 4 minutes to cut mom open and get you both out (even though B was breach and came out feet first). Daddy got to cut the cords while mom was put back together and B even showered daddy with his first pee! We couldn't be happier and more proud parents at that moment. Mom went to recovery and dad went with the boys to the NICU since they came 9 weeks early (born 30 weeks 5 days). Mom was out of recovery and in post partum quickly (she was eager to meet those new boys!!). Dad and Babcha went and met the nurses and doctors that were going to watch over you the first night of your life and most importantly- they got to meet both of you!! A was born at 10:12pm weighing in at 3lbs 7oz and 16 1/4 in long. B was born at 10:14pm weighing in at 3lbs 11oz and 16 in long. B was breathing strong on his own and was put on a breathing mask to help regulate his breathing so that his lungs didn't overwork. A was having a harder time and was given some medicine to help his lungs and put on a ventilator (he had to be intubated)to help control his breathing. Both boys had their sugar, blood pressure and many other things tested and monitored. In the morning, mom finally was able to see you both. A was getting the medicine his brother got the night before to help his lungs work. Everything was looking great but you were both getting upset about all the tests and tubes and everything so mom and dad left for a while but first we chose which boy looked like which name. Baby A is officially our little Luca and Baby B is our Anze. Grandma Pat came to see you but it was a hands-off session. She can't wait to really get to reach in and touch you! Luckily the nurse let her squeeze now named Luca's foot while giving him some more medicine for his lungs. He now has had the medication 2x. The doctors and nurses are working hard to keep all your stats stable- you two aren't making that job easy. After a quiet rest for mom (dad and gma went home) and a nice meal she went back to visit her boys. Luca wasn't doing as well as he was in the afternoon. He was getting a 3rd dose of the lung medication and a new ventilator that was going to do all his breathing for him instead of helping him. This also meant he needed to be sedated. The doctor's are hopefully that he will begin to improve in his lung function soon (mom and dad are praying he will as well!). Unfortunately, Anze's breathing mask wasn't helping enough. He was going to need a 2nd dose of medicine and probably ventilator to help him with his breathing more than the mask was. Mommy was all alone to learn of these issues as well as the problem that neither was keeping a consistent blood pressure. She left the NICU, shortly after wishing you both a happy 1 day birth day, very sad and called daddy. They talked all about what was going on. Mommy said a prayer for you both to get big and strong. After an hour or two of worrying mommy finally wrote down about your first day of life hoping it would help her sleep. She's still praying you both have a peaceful night's sleep and she can't wait to see you when she wakes up in the morning. Your family and friends love you very much Anze and Luca. Keep fighting, stay strong... all our love!

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