Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, April 22, 2011

Latest Brain Scan shows...

Smaller ventricle opening (it's shrinking!!!!) and blood clotted and resolving. PRAISE JESUS!!! It's quite evident to us that Anze is just a super happy go lucky kid that is full of smiles and ease.He gets to start "nippling" where they try to get him to latch on to a bottle and start developing those sucking muscles (something they start to do in the womb around 34 weeks so they've been waiting until the boys were that old..). Once he shows capability then he can practice with mom instead of with a bottle. He is officially in his big boy open crib and loves looking around smiling at everyone and everything. Amazing how fast they are growing! I am so unbelievably proud.

Luca is off his sedatives, his oxygen, etc. All that's left is to up his feeds and lower his IV fluids. At the rate he is going he should be IV free by the end of next week! The staff is hoping to move him into Anze's room so they will together (easier for all of us!). Then once Luca is off his IV he can be in a big boy crib with big boy clothes too! It would just be wonderful to have them side by side again!

Tomorrow all 3 boys are going to see the same Easter Bunny. The bunny is going to be available to take pictures with siblings!!!! SUPER AWESOME as Jr wouldn't cooperate with the mall bunny. Fingers crossed he does a great job tomorrow. I'm thinking they all need to be in big bro lil bro outfits... haven't decided yet... Jr and Bug are having an Easter egg dying/hunting date tomorrow so look forward to those pictures!

JR; the big 17 monther today, enjoyed the day with the sitter while mom was with brothers followed by a lunch visit from his "aunts" and his bug. He took a 3 hr nap (giving mom time to pick up the house a bit and nap herself!). He's spending the night with his Babcha and Dido and I'm sure they are all having a blast.

Mom and Dad had a good day as well; although dad was stuck in an attic all morning for work. Dad got some snuggle time in with his "squeaky" as he has affectionately nicknamed Anze (Jr's nickname from dad is stinky... Silly daddy!). Whereas mom got snuggles with ALL her boys today!!! Completely made my day to be able to hold each of them and spend 1:1 time with them like that. Can't wait to snuggle all 3 at once (I'm not sure my lap/arms will be able to but I'm going to try!!!). Mom and dad are going to enjoy dinner and a movie on the couch together without any boys (just barking dogs!) and enjoy the time just us while we can!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Good Friday. Thank you Jesus for everything you've done for this family! Love to all.


  1. Fantastic on all fronts, YAY!!! I too hope the little bro's can be together again real soon! Yurchik (Stinky?), 17 months and counting, way to go big guy! Should be a FUN Easter for you all, I only wish we could be there too!!! Here's to squeaky and his twin, (maybe "Lucky Luca"), as they continue to grow and get healthy!! To the rest of you Motruk's on Midway; HAPPY EASTER, and make sure you color Grandpers a bright green egg, Jr. I LOVE YOU ALL and look forward to that special time we can ALL be together!!! XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

  2. Yes, stinky. As in stinky butt... LOL... That or handsome (momma's nickname for him). Luca is B Bone...