Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5

I really miss telling the boys happy birth day every day. It's a small price to pay to tuck Jr into bed every night. I cannot wait for all of my boys to be home with us!

JR had a great day. He spent the morning at the sitters (he loves her to death! and the whole family loves him). He spent the afternoon playing with mom and dad and then Auntie Glo came over to watch him while Gma Pat went to the hospital to visit his brothers. The best part of the day was coming home from the hospital and having him only want mama. It was the perfect ending to a good day.

Anze is off of the dopamine and weening from the vent (he will transition to the face mask that he had after birth). He has been very feisty; always fidgeting whenever the nurses touch him. Today he had an echo because the doctor's notice a heart murmur. He has an open valve like Luca but it's moderate so they are going to check in later on to see if it closes on its own since it's not systematic or causing any other problems.He still has the jaundice raybans but the levels are lowering. He may be off the light tomorrow which may give us the opportunity to see his whole face and maybe even some eyes! Both boys have brain scans scheduled for tomorrow; a routine exam given their prematurity to check for bleeding, swelling, etc...

Luca (which I may have forgotten to write yesterday was held by his proud mama during a bedding change- the nurse lifted him and put him into my hands while she changed his bedding... not the way mom wants to hold him but I take what I can get right now!). Anyway... Luca's dopamine was lowered a lot today. This is hopefully a sign that the heart medication is doing its job and closing that valve which is likely to help with his pressure and lung issues. He had his light turned off today so he wasn't wearing any shades and we got to see a small sliver of eye as he tried to look around at his world. He's retaining fluid from the meds so his poor little self is swollen a bit and I'm sure that hindered him from fully opening his eyes. He is also being weened from his sedatives and they are trying to get him off of the high pressure vent and on to the regular one. His sodium and a few other levels are on the high side so they are trying a variety of meds to get everything metabolically stable which will also help with the bp and lung function.He received a blood transfusion which seemed to help pink him up and hide that jaundice color a little! The nurse was able to ink his feet for his souvenir birth certificate. Not sure where the big feet come from in the family but all the boys seem to have it (though JR's are fat not long like the twins).

I was able to bring blankets from home to put in their incubators. The smell of us is said to be helpful as they get to know us that way. They already have "loveys" which we can take out of the incubator and put in our shirt to put our scent on them. It's neat to think that they always have us even when we aren't there. The night shift is supposed to change the bedding so I look forward to seeing it in the morning and getting more personalized pictures! Next, I need to choose blankets to cover the top of their incubators while they sleep. I can't decide what I'd like them to have...

Mom and Dad are doing well. Dad is enjoying mom being up and about and able to help with JR (my first official off bed rest duty was changing a stinky diaper!). Mom is doing well, no real pain but the leg/ ankle swelling is annoying. Trying to keep my legs up and elevated but it's hard. Bed rest wasn't kind to them either... cannot wait until I'm able to walk around the block again! Dad gave blood today. He said the snacks they have for afterwards are yummy! Reminder that Luca can receive all blood types and Anze can get B and O. I encourage everyone to donate somewhere just for the sake of donating as people are always in need. The hospital will ask you if you're designating- just tell them Motruk twins; everything is set up for them. The donation hours aren't the greatest but if your able we'd be so grateful.

I feel I am rambling so that's my sign to say goodnight. Happy 5th day of life my boys. Your family loves you!

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