Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Frame of Mind...

I'm not having the type of night to write down all my thoughts and feelings. My ability to be super mom is not here right now... plus JR is still wide awake and needs to go to bed (hopefully he will sleep better tonight than he did last night- trying to get 4 new teeth at once is rough on everyone).

Anze had a good day. No changes. He received his scan but we don't know the results yet... promise to let everyone know when we know.

Luca had a hard day. He was taken off the sedatives and although he tested negative for withdrawals he was fidgety all morning. They gave him some medication to "take the edge off" but it made him real lethargic. By the evening he was receiving his 2nd blood transfusion of his little two week life in hopes that that would help him feel better. He had an abdominal scan today because he regurgitated some icky looking stuff- it came back clear. Anze did the same thing just a few days ago. The doctor laughed saying they were just trying to be copy cats. Luca's heart scan showed minimal change in his PDA. Tomorrow I will get to speak with the doctor regarding whether or not to do surgery.

Luca is definitely the cause for my lack of super mom-ness for the evening. I'm keeping my brain busy by cleaning and organizing... you know I'm in the wrong frame of mind when I'm not snuggling on the couch watching the Kings' first playoff game with my boys.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for all.

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