Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blogging or Sleeping?!?!

I had a few people mention to me today that they missed my blog last night. So sorry, I feel asleep on the couch! Yuri woke me up around midnight and I waddled straight to bed and bypassed the computer. So grateful to hear from people wanting to know how my boys are- we truly appreciate all your love and support. Ok, enough already- here's the latest.

Anze is doing well. Yesterday he wasn't keeping milk down so they stopped feeding him for a few hours and then started back up and he's been keeping it down fine so hopefully he will stay like that and graduate to the fat farm soon! Once he's fat we take him home- just like turkey on thanks giving... only we'll just eat him up in hugs and kisses! ;) Today mommy got to do some kangaroo care with him for about 45 mins (not much compared to daddy's 1.5 hr or so yesterday). It was heavenly and I wouldn't trade it for most anything...

Except a chance to hold Luca... which may happen tomorrow!!!! Luca was switched over to a regular ventilator today and given some albuterol (sp?) to help open his airways back up that had collapsed; similar to giving an asthmatic their inhaler. He switched at 9 and when dad saw him at 5 he was still breathing regularly and not struggling. If he hangs out with the regular vent overnight then tomorrow we can hold him! I'm already searching the closet for my loosest, low cut shirt. For once I won't care if I look trashy if it means I get to hold my boy! *Disclaimer- they ask you wear a shirt that provides for "easy access" to the baby if necessary* His lungs sound clear with one more day of his heart meds to go... praying that means the valve is closing and all will be well.

Anze has his head CT later this week to check on his brain bleed. Prayers it hasn't progressed... God's works in mysterious ways and we are trusting in Him to watch over both of our boys in the NICU and our toddling one at home (who didn't eat the dinner his mom made tonight to which Grandma Pat said he wanted daddy's dinner not mommy's... guess we know who the better cook is and who is loved more... yes, my mom loves her son in law more than her daughter ;) ), Other than being picky about dinner Yurchik was a super happy boy today. I took him to Jersey (the school I worked at until bedrest) and he was shy around all the teachers but loved the 5th grade girls! Soo silly. He also enjoyed stealing Kindergarten snacks and spilling them all over the floor! Good thing Jessica loves him!!! He also took a 3 hr nap allowing mom to pick the house up; which was of course destroyed within minutes of him waking up!

Yuri Sr went back to work today... he said it was hard to get back in the swing of things but stopping by the hospital on the way home every day is enough of an incentive to get through!

Well, I feel if I don't stop I will be falling asleep at the computer and that won't be as comfortable as the couch ;) Love to all!

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