Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A month already

I cannot believe our boys were born a month (and 2 days) ago. It seems like only yesterday that I was complaining of bed rest and missing out on the precious little time I had left with just Yurchik. Now we spend hours a day at the hospital holding our baby boys anxiously awaiting dr reports, test results and more. We cheer on the minute milestones that we would have missed out on entirely if they were born full term. I don't remember being so excited for Jr to latch on to my breast or even breath on his own! What a completely different outlook on parenting having a preemie does to you. Friends and family were so excited when Yurchik cut a tooth, took his first step, said his first word. Now everyone is thrilled when Luca gets his oxygen off (even if he has to go back on it the next day) or when Anze latches on to mom to eat on his own and not from a feeding tube. Having a preemie definitely changes your outlook on everything. Cherish every moment you have in life- in the mundane, every day things we take for granted. Each moment is truly a blessing from God.

Luca is still on oxygen. They are giving him a variety of medications to help keep the fluid in his lungs clear and to help with reflux. He ate 17cc's from a bottle yesterday eagerly. Today he gets his first boob attempt. Fingers are crossed for success. The doctors and therapists all agree that breastfeeding may be easier for him in regards to breathing and eating at the same time. Our little Luca just has difficulty multi tasking...

Anze is up to 3 feedings a day via breast/bottle. He is doing really well with his feedings. His red blood cell count is low so he is getting iron supplements for a few days. He will be tested again on Thursday and the doctors will decide if he needs a shot to stimulate the marrow to produce more or if he needs a transfusion. It does explain why all he does is sleep (not that the nurses complain!). If anyone has the time to donate this week Anze (and Luca) would appreciate it. Remember to designate it for the Motruk twins.

Both boys had their eyes dilated and tested. The nurses were impressed that both weren't bothered by this procedure and were able to breast/bottle feed afterwards as most babies are too upset to handle the extra effort of eating. That made us proud.

Jr spent a lot of time with daddy this weekend. As a family we went to the Aquarium for a few hours which was a nice way of getting out of the house without spending money together. The boys also spent most of Monday hanging out together as mommy was treated to a "spa day" at the hospital courtesy of March of Dimes for all NICU moms. I am now the proud owner of a new and much needed haircut. Two months of bedrest and then a month of preemie visits makes haircuts on the bottom of the list so I am now feeling like a new mom- amazing how a hair cut can make you feel so much better!

Well, it's time to try and fall back asleep after getting up to pump and then being attacked by both cats (one was chasing a bug and jumped on me, the other wanted to be pet and fell of the bed using my arm as a stronghold on the way down- unsuccessfully as he ended up on the floor and ended up all scratched up! Ahh the joy of owning pets...).

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  1. GREAT Blog Scoobs!!! My thoughts as usual are with my Grandsons!! I pray for a positive result from all this, I know you must be stressed no matter how wonderful you sound. Finals tonight and I'm really nervous, and then I think of you guys and the twins, and my nervousness just sounds ridiculous! Pray, Pray, Pray...I LOVE YOU ALL!!! XXXXXXX OOOOOOO Dadders/Granpers..