Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, April 26, 2013

BFF visit 4/2013

This past week our good friend Katie and her daughter Jayne came to visit. They also brought "Grandma" Sherrie (a mom of a high school friend that is like a mom to Katie and I and a grandma to our kids). They came for 5 days to visit us. It had been just over 6 months since we last saw them and the most time Yurchik and Jayne had ever been apart (considering Katie and I were pregnant at the same time and Jayne just under 4 months younger than JR). They have been BFFs since they were conceived! We planned a lot of fun activities including the NASA Space Center Museum which was a bit over their heads in terms of knowledge but the play area was fantastic. We did the "tram tour" and for anyone that goes it is NOT a tram tour; it's a take a tram somewhere and walk hundreds of stairs to the viewing areas tour.

We also went to the Houston Kids' Museum which was a blast. We had a hard time getting the kids to leave! There was so much to do and see and I think we maybe saw half of the museum!

The twins also had a small birthday party with our new friends here at a local park and splash pad (water play area). This was simple and easy and the kids had a great time.

Finally, we took pictures together. Well, the kids did anyway! We got matching outfits and let them loose in a park. Here's some of the photos we took as well as some from our other adventures!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

And stealing blog back.... For Evil take over the world plan's...

hi ho... who missed me? no one... well fine... NO NEW PICS FOR YOU!!! wait wut?  ohhhhh so NOW you missed me... well ok... here are some of the new pics from our house... there are going to be a lot of them.  So here they are with the ever so much loved witty commentary I provide.

These set of photos are from between 4/9/13 & 4/17/13

 Getting ready for driveway to be poured.

Front patio looking into the house.

 Right side of house, getting ready for the A/C slab & fencing.

 Left side of house, nothing really special goes here... Well I guess the back gate goes on this side.

Drive way, with out the driveway...

 Kitchen... This space is where the Range/Oven/Microwave goes

 More Kitchen, with Space for Fridge & Pantry on the right.  (where the door is)
Kitchen Sink, or Luca's play area.  Dish Washer goes on left Side.  We have SO MUCH CABINET SPACE!!!!! OMGZ!!!!!!!!!  When we move in, only about 1/2 of these cabinets will have stuff in them.

 1st Rake of our stair way.  And no it isn't the Stair Way to Heaven.  (Who else just had Led Zepplin's lyrics go through your head just now?)

 Tech area in game room

 Entry into our Master Bedroom

 Kids Bathroom
 Slave's Quarters #1, I ummm errrr... This is awkward...
 Slave's Quarter's #2.... ohhhh wait.... My bad, attic access door, COMES WITH IT'S OWN BUILD ON LADDER!!!!!  Yes I made it more exciting then it really is.
 Ok back on track, Master Bath

Linen Closet #1 in Master Bath, we have 3 of these things.  This is the biggest of them.

 Ohhh Look a Driveway, with an actual Driveway
 A/C Slab

 Back Yard Slab

 HEY WHO THE HELL PUT HAND PRINTS IN MY BACK YARD SLAB!!!!! Ohhh we did...  I will leave it up to y'all to figure out who's is who's... (Hint: Mine's on the right)
 Me, admiring my slab of concrete.   Or just contemplating how to run wire from inside to outside for outdoor speakers... Yes I was already trying to figure that out before they put framing up.

Back yard

These pics all take place on 4/25/13

 Ohhh look Shutters!! (Dani is pretty sure they still need to be painted)

 Great Room... ohhh yea we got paint & texture done

Great Room, looking to the den. 


 Kitchen, again.  Looking at this again after the fact, we get a lot of light into the great room during the day.  I guess it's from all those windows we got... ohh and that one giant wall.

 Entry way, with Jr running through the door way.

 Stair way... to Great Room.  (happened again didn't it?)

 Hey yo, we got's us a fence... well 80% of one anyways.

 More Back Yard.


 SO MUCH BACK YARD!!!!, no wait that's just a slab

 WHO THE F&(!@ MESSED UP OUR HAND PRINTS!!! ohhh just dirt... carry on...

Front of house, getting ready for sod & 2 trees. 

Laundry room 

AV Cabinet... Or Den closet... but mostly AV cabinet.

 Tech Area in game room.

 Game Room

 Master Bedroom

 Master Tub

 Master Linen Closet #BIG ONE

 Looking into back yard from widow on the right in the Master Bedroom.

 Slave's Quarter#2

 More Kids room... I mean slave's quarter

 Other Slave's Quarter


 Out side kid's window... hey look another house being built.

 Game Room

So there you have it, we got painted walls with texture on them.  According to the Super our house is ahead of schedule.  The Countertops should be going in tomorrow I think (4/26/13) since they were not in today.  And the 1st people on our sub-division moved into day, or yesterday. YAY FOR THEM!!! They get to live in a neighborhood with NO ONE ELSE!!!! for now... We are technically the next House to be ready on June 6th... So who wants to come out to Texas and help us move?