Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend of Adventure!

What a busy and eventful weekend we had. Saturday we got invited to Disneyland for free. I couldn't say no and off we went with Erin and Jayne (she was sitting for Katie). We decided to check out DCA since Erin and the boys hadn't been there and the 1 and only time I had was like 10 years ago!

We had a great time even though we were only there for a few hours. We rode The Little Mermaid and JR cried when Ursula came on and it got dark and scary! Poor guy. The others were thrilled to check out everything around them. Jr and I rode on the zeppelins and he yelled "FLYING MOM FLYING" the entire time! From there we headed to the Ferris Wheel and all the kids LOVE sitting in the enclosed car watching everything go by. We enjoyed a nice lunch and then went to a little splash pad/sprinkler for I want to say an hour. The kids just LOVED the water. Although the twins didn't appreciate the water coming up and squirting them in the face! From there we headed home as everyone was ready for naps! It was a fantastic Saturday.

Sunday, we decided to take the metro to the LA Kings' game as it was a 12pm start so it would be light out for both trips to and fro. Jr loves "choo choos" so we thought this would be a hit. Plus we spent the same on tickets as we would have on parking without spending the gas so it was a win win. We were worried the train would be a hassle or hard to figure out but we did really well. Thankfully, everyone (but one guy) was very nice and helpful. This was great considering one of the elevators was broken and we had to carry the strollers up and down the stairs plus a 2 yr old trying to do the stairs on his own in the crowds! We all survived thanks to those nice people that helped us! We had a blast as always at the Kings' game; which was won 3-1 putting the Kings' into the Western Conference Finals... just 4 games away from the Stanley Cup Championship Round!!!!! We are super excited!

Once home, mom and dad made dinner while the boys played in the patio. Then we all enjoyed our meal . Jr fell asleep watching a trash truck video and the twins will be asleep shortly. It was quite a busy weekend. I think this momma will be joining them in bed early! Here's to a few quiet days at home to rest!