Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

This week we went with our preschool co-op friends. We were there ALL day (10-5 without napping and only having kettle corn and other snacks from home plus a million water bottles). It was the perfect day to go. The clouds were hiding the sun and it even rained for a few minutes while we were there! My wonderful photo friend showed up camera in tow just as we were heading to the pumpkin patch so of course she grabbed her trusty camera and documented the adventure. If the boys look a bit tired in some of the pictures it's because it's about 4pm by the time we made it that way after riding the different trains, seeing the farm animals, jumping on the giant pillows and sliding the slides plus all the walking it took to do everything! I was exhausted! LOL We had attempted to leave many times but each time as we approached the exit a new friend came along and the boys wanted to play with them! Unfortunately, I only have the pictures from Sarah to share as my phone was dropped in juice last week and I had yet to receive the replacement delivery and I couldn't find the charger for the regular camera. I was so glad they decided to come so that we could get a few pictures; plus her pictures are going to be far superior to mine!

Hope you're all enjoying the fall season as well!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Talking Luca, Why-ing Yuri and Licking Anze... just another day in the life!

It's been a little while since I wrote a blog and I find that the days I do I'm a much happier person. There's something soothing about taking a few minutes and writing out your thoughts. We've been super busy doing all sorts of fun things that I'm having trouble finding the time and energy to clean let alone take a few minutes for myself (and if I do, I'm napping!!). Sr is taking a 2 week vacation at the end of the month and our bff Jayne is coming with her mom and dad for a short visit during that vacation so we have a lot of fun planned (but I have a lot of organizing in the guest room before they get here, too!). So, that's what I've been focusing on! It's not easy figuring out the best way to organize things you want easy access to without your children having too much access. It's definitely a balancing act! LOL

Anyway, enough about me... Here's what we've been up to lately! Yurchik is doing great in preschool. He finally got past the shy wall and is now making friends and chatting like crazy with his teachers. His two friends so far area Brayden and Zoey (he holds hands and blows kisses with her!). He wants to go to Brayden's house and doesn't understand why I don't know where he lives! He is very inquisitive right now and needs an answer for everything and anything. We have officially entered the "why" zone. It doesn't matter if I fully explain something he still asks why! I'm sure every parent has been here before. It's cute at first and then it's just frustrating! I've yet to say "because I said so" so that's good! LOL (Although, Sr may say the "Because we are your parents and we made the decision to not...." is an elongated version ;) ). He's getting better at letting us know he has to go to the bathroom although if we ask him when he doesn't have to go he will still through a bit of a fit about it. It's all part of the learning and growing of life I guess.

Luca has become a chatter box. He's a great repeater and says all sorts of adorable things like On gee (Anze) and bwoc wee (broccoli). He is also able to communicate when something happens, "On gee push", "that one huwt", "ouchie guys", etc... Yurchik is NOT appreciative of Luca's newest skill as he can no longer get away with things or pass blame! It cracks us up to watch them! We've also become lovers. The twins will run over to each other and yell HUG and then hug each other. Or they will run to Jr and squish him with their double hugs. At the same time, they are starting that boy behavior of tackling, wrestling, chasing, etc... Their current favorite is when Jr will yell out an animal or other figure (ie dinosaur, snake, monster, ghost) and then he takes off running while the twins transform themselves and chase him complete with noises. Sometimes, only one is the snake and has to catch 2 of them! It's hilarious, loud, and a bit chaotic but they are having so much fun and using their imaginations so the more the merrier!

Anze, oh Anze... He LOVES to stick his tongue out. He will yell momma a million times until I look at him and then he will stick his tongue out and wait for me to copy him. Then he laughs and laughs and runs away. He would probably do this all day if he could! He also wants to lick everything. When they are playing chase he will always catch someone and lick them. His brothers will in turn laugh and yell yuck and run away again. This would probably continue until someone got upset that they're covered in slobber but we stop him and talk to him about his tongue staying in his mouth (the things you never thought you'd have conversations about until you became a parent). A few times, Luca has been the victim of teeth though. So, this is something we are working hard on. Anze is having a hard time with the pretend part of play. Yurchik yells out, "he's going to eat me" and Anze takes it literally. Again, something we are actively working on!

When not at home playing we are doing our new favorite things: tyke hikes and story time. We have joined the Houston Arboretum and go there weekly to learn about a new animal, hike through the nature walks to find the animal, play at the playground (it's sand and a rope bridge- boy heaven!) and then play in their education room. It's a great experience and our membership will be paid in 2 more visits so definitely worth it. We also get those traditional private events such as the ArBOOretum event at the end of the month with trick or treating, face painting and other things. They boys love it and I'm glad I learned about it. There's actually several programs like this around and I don't remember having anything in Cali for toddlers that was so much fun while completely educational.

Story time is another new favorite. We have tried out multiple libraries and have enjoyed most of them (one was in Spanish so that was a bit more difficult to enjoy!). The twins have done more of these than Jr since he is at school. It's a great way for the twins to do things outside of the house while he is gone and they love it. We sing songs, do crafts and of course hear new stories. We don't have library cards yet but we just learned that one of the libraries has a backpack that has stories and activities to go with them and if you complete them and return the backpack you get passes to the Children's museum so we will definitely be getting our cards to participate in that!

The weather is cooling off it seems so we are ready for some more outdoor playdates instead of living in the AC. We are also prepping for Yurchik's 4th birthday! He has requested a candyland party so we are doing our best to accommodate that wish :D. Overall, just staying busy! Hope everyone is well! Know you're loved!