Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You say Goodbye, I say Hello...

So Mr Luca started crawling this week! He doesn't go far and he doesn't crawl often but when he does he knows precisely where he is going and what he is after. This is the total opposite of Anže who stomps around like a sumo wrestler looking for his next meal. I love how completely different they are!

Anže also is on to tooth #3!!! Luca is NOT catching up... he doesn't seem to be growing hair either. I joke and tell him he's going to be a little old man forever (since he looked like a little old man in the NICU). I'm sure he will be hairy with a mouth full of teeth soon enough (right around the time he starts walking and the milestones just don't stop!!).

They both however have started something together... waving. Luca will wave up and down full arm and the backwards open shut hand whereas Anže only prefers the backwards open shut hand. They are super cute waving (as if they weren't cute in the first place).

Mom and Dad are getting ready to spend their first weekend away from all the boys. It will be a nice break from parenthood and a great way to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! Though I'm sure I will be calling the grandparents constantly and when I'm not I will be planning the big 0-1 birthdayx2 party (save the date for their bday 3-31!!!).

We hope you all are having as wonderful of a 2012 as we are!