Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Family photos

Recently, we had family photos taken for Yurchik's 3rd birthday and just because we hadn't taken pictures as a family since the twins were born!! A family friend in Texas (and fellow Ukrainian!) has her own photography business so we asked her to set up a photo shoot for us. In our discussion I mentioned the boys' love for construction trucks. She thought this would be an awesome backdrop- and she was right! We also took some at Teta Tetiana's house and a park or two. Here's a few pictures of our family!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The current new digs

So, we've been in our new Texan home for almost 3 months! I can't believe it's been that long already. So much has happened in that short time with moving, birthdays, holidays, new babies in the family, visits from Cali family, etc... I've been getting questions about our new home and "how big is it? where is it?" etc etc... So, I finally took some pictures. Please excuse the remaining holiday decor I've yet to put away, the clutter I've yet to go through (yes, the closed doors are to hide my clutter LOL)... So here it is our current home.
 This is our "breakfast nook" it is between the kitchen and the living room (see the couch on the left)

 Downstairs half bath

 This is the hallway when you walk into the house.

The same hallway just now you're facing going out- our lovely front door!

The hallway is an S shape so this is the first turn

 This is the same part of the first turn but from the opposite end (again excuse the Christmas decor- didn't the kids make cute crafts)

 The bottom half of the stairs

 These words wrap the staircase

 View from the top of the staircase

 Twins' room

 The twins have all of the books in their room in these little trash cans we found at Ikea... they are perfect, though we need a few more for the plethora of books we have!

 In the twins' closet is a little "reading nook" for reading alone (or for the cat to sleep)

 They love reading on their car couches

 Yurchik's "digger" room

 The kids' bathroom (we don't use it really; except to store the humidifier when it needs to be empty/cleaned)

 The decor in the boys' bathroom

The hallway from our room to theirs (twins on the left, Yurchik on the right as well as the bathroom)

 Now the hallway from their rooms to ours

 Excuse my stool, it needs to be reupholstered...

 There's enough room from our bed to the dress to fit another queen size mattress length wise and still have room to walk around!

 Our master bath- 2 vanity sinks, shower, separate jacuzzi tub and separate "water closet" on the right with a linen closet on the left and the 2nd walk in closet straight  ahead (yes, I have 2 walk in closets! If only I had the clothing or shoes to fill them both :D)

 View from the opposite side

 Windows/art in our room

 Boys playing with their train table Santa got them

 Looking into the kitchen from the breakfast nook

 From the stairway into the kitchen. It's VERY small and poorly designed but we make do.

The door leads out into the garage.

 Here is the living room. This is our new to us couch from Tetiana and Jonathan. We are so grateful we didn't have to move our couch! You can sort of see one of the chairs from the kitchen table next to the couch... 

 This is a view from the couch to the tv.

Sorry, I can't figure out why the pictures won't stay in the correct viewing position (I resaved them with proper orientation... sigh, sorry!) We are currently actively searching where in the Houston area we want to make our permanent residence. I'm researching school districts and Yuri is constantly scouting while driving around the town for work. We have found a current construction that we really like but we are apprehensive due to cost, etc... We know there's a lot of growth and development throughout Houston and are praying we find the perfect place and we know we will! So, as always, keep us in your thoughts and prayers...and if you win the lotto a few thousand our way would be great too (we'd pay you back!) LOL... Happy 2013 everyone!