Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kings are Stanley Cup Champs

When I was called in September to take a 50% teaching position the first thing was to secure childcare of course. After that our main goals were to pay off hospital bills and save. While I was figuring out our budget I thought it would be nice if we did something fun for the whole family with the little bit of extra income we would have left over... maybe passes to the zoo or museum or an amusement park... something we would use enough while the kids are still young (free!) and that we would all enjoy. That's when it hit me- hockey. The Kings season was starting in a few weeks. So, I looked into prices for season tickets. They actually aren't that bad... We talked, I called an agent, etc etc and we bit the bullet and bought half season tickets. We went to the first game and the twins CRIED... sooo much going on they didn't know what to do. Luca was over it quickly and began focusing on the lights and the people and the ice. He really loves watching the game. Anže cried and cried every time a chant took place, a goal was scored, etc... and then his namesake Anže Kopitar scored a goal and suddenly everything was alright. It was like hearing his name over the loudspeaker was calming to him! That's when we knew we were in for a fun year. Mind you it isn't easy to hold 3 kids on 2 laps but we were surrounded by season ticket holders and they all willingly helped us pick things up, hold babies, etc throughout the season.

The Kings had their ups and downs but every game was enjoyable. We had the hopes and desires of Lord Stanley's Cup throughout the season but had no idea it would come to fruition. What an awesome experience to be there with your kids celebrating the Kings victory. People around us were actually "complaining" that the kids only had to wait a year or two to see a championship while they've had to wait their whole lives! I can't wait for them to be old enough to understand.

Anyway, before I get all emotional and start crying here's some pictures of our post season with the kings:

The Stanley cup in Sr's hair

The Sandley Cup outside of the Staples Center

Sleeping through the games

These were taken at the end of game 4. He cried "mommmm, no cuuuppp"

A happy Hockey fan! We got the cup!

Family Photo Game 6- the cup being passed around behind us!!! What an amazing experience!