Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy 4th birthday Yurchik!

I cannot believe he is already 4! Where has the time gone?! To think of all the things that have happened in those 4 short years it's amazing! While I feel he is growing up too fast. I treasure every new thing he discovers along the way. He is truly a blessing.

So, he requested a candy land party. Who doesn't love the game candy land?! Well, this mama went for it! We turned the downstairs into an interactive candy land. I made most of the decorations from random things such as paper plates wrapped in tissue paper or cellophane to imitate wrapped candies, bowls wrapped in foil to look like Hershey kisses, etc... It was a lot of prep but totally worth it. Everyone loved it and gave a lot of compliments.

The kids started at the front door and walked along the path and at each land there was something to get or do. I tried to make it more fun and games than candy. The kids played an ice cream bean bag toss, got peppermint yo-yos, ice cream popper toys, buckets (gumdrops) and shovels, and sidewalk chalk that was wrapped in cellophane to resemble candy. There was actual candy in the candy castle but the kids were more excited for the toys than the candy! I'm okay with that LOL except now I have candy to last until next Halloween!

Most of all Yurchik was happy. He actually got mad at me for taking some decorations down! Apparently, he's still waiting for Dido to come to his party!!

Sr thought I was going a bit over the top but I didn't think so. Last year for his birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese...the 5 of us with Auntie Glo and Babcha. Gloria didn't want to miss his birthday and it was during her Thanksgiving break and Nina was in town because Jackson was just born! But, we hadn't made friends yet. We had a few playdates and were getting to know people but not nearly enough to have a party with. Plus, we had just moved and that was costly in itself! This year, we have a lot of new friends and I couldn't even invite them all! 20 of his friends came to celebrate with their moms and dads on his big day! What a blast!!

Here's a few pictures of our candy fun filled day; sorry that some pictures are turned around! Thank you to everyone out of state that sent him presents, cards, money, etc.. We truly appreciate the love you have for our family!