Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break fun!

A few weeks ago my best friend came with her daughter and mom to visit us for our spring break. The weather was pretty yucky most days so we did a lot of indoor activities. We did so many many things I'm still tired! AHAHAHA We still had a ton of fun; including Jayne spending the night almost every night.
 Here's photos from our adventures!!

We took the kids to a place I've been wanting to go to for forever. It was awesome and probably my favorite activity from the trip. Here we are at an indoor kid science lab. All the coats, eye wear, and science supplies are provided in your admission. You can stay for an hour or all day and try 30 different experiments. The kids had a blast making a battery with a potato, Mentos with coke explosion, alka seltzer "bombs", and a few other fun experiments. 

We took the kids bowling for the first time. It was hilarious and they loved it and asked to do it every day! They loved pushing the ball down the ramp and running away. They each scored a strike or spare. Lots of fun! 

We went to the Natural Science Museum which was a huge hit. You can't go wrong with sharks, dinosaurs, space and butterflies. That's as far as we got in the museum! There's so much more we never make it through the entire place in one visit!

We drove down the Galveston on what was supposed to be the nice day in the week and it didn't get nice until we were leaving. We had fun anyway. We took a DUKW tour and the kids thought it was pretty awesome that the truck turned in to a boat. We also checked out the rainforest pyramid exhibit and saw a lot of exotic plants and animals.

Since all the kids love ice skating and hockey we took a trip the ice rink. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Triple Bunks!!

Our neighbor was redoing her guest room that had a few twin beds in it. She wasn't going to use them anymore so she gave us the mattresses for the boys when they were ready to outgrow their toddler beds (toddler beds use crib mattress, so they are still small). Well, probably a year ago, Sr and I found this blog post about a family making their own triple bunk beds. We loved it. It seemed simple so we figured we would do it when the time came.
     Well... the boys started asking about the beds we got and when they could use them... and in true preschooler form they didn't stop asking.
       My mom came at the beginning of the month and I mentioned it to her and well... we ended up with a project! Here's a few photos of the process. The beds are not finished yet. We plan to add a guard rail on the end of the middle bunk and maybe extend the top bunk's as well. Then of course, there is some painting requests and the typical odds and ends that every project incurs. I promise to get a picture up of the final project when it's done (don't hold your breath!).
   I'm super proud of my husband and all the hard, back breaking work he does for us at home and on the job. He's just amazing!!
 Mom and I wrote versus of inspiration and aspirations for the boys on each of their bunks

 The boys helped daddy as much as they could. They loved every moment.

 I took some material and made curtains for the "cave" space.

 Sr is working on the top bunk's ladder here

 Luca testing out the ladder

 The mostly finished product! Yuri is on the top, Anze in the middle and Luca on the bottom- they chose.

 Adding their own decor

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Livin the Texas life

I remember the first "rodeo" season we experienced in Texas. It was February. My mom was visiting and we were on our way to a "bounce house" when we were stopped. Literally, stopped. It was like time slowed down as we sat waiting to make a left turn for what felt like hours and far off in the distance we saw horses. Miles of horses. Apparently, trail riders as they are called, were blazing their trail through West Houston to the rodeo. My mom and I sat in the car stunned. Well, a few years now and I've manage to "avoid" the traffic creating trail. This year however, we faced it head on (sort of). I found out that a group of riders from the Salt Grass Trail Riders were going to literally blaze their trail passed our house. I embraced the Texas of it all and took the boys across the main street to a parking lot outside a church where we sat in the car and waited for a sign. Then we saw them. Hundreds of horses, dozens of covered wagons were coming down the street right passed us. We braved the 40 degrees to go out and wave. Lots of people said Hi to my little batmen and spiderman as they rode by. We counted horses (or at least we tried) and wagons and noticed how unique each horse (and donkey) was. The boys enjoyed it and I thought it was neat, too. It was a much better experience than being stuck on an off ramp too far to enjoy it. Next year the boys will be in school and we will likely miss it so I'm glad we took the time. Here's a few pictures. They aren't the greatest as it was freezing and the sun was bright so I couldn't see the screen to view what I was shooting. Memories all the same.