Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Monday, May 31, 2010

6 months of joy!

I cannot believe that my little baby boy is already 6 months old. It seems like yesterday that I was waddling around anticipating his arrival. Other babies don't seem to be growing as fast either!! He has lots of little friends, but his favorite is baby Jayne who is just 2 months old. He loves to grab her hand or foot or even pull her hair! He's in love with her and they are sure to be the best of friends as they grow up together. His other favorite friend is our dog Panzer... he loves to watch Panzer and pet him (or pull his hair too!!). They get along great; Panzer is very protective of his baby. Yuri is also busy sitting up alone playing with toys, drooling and chatting away all day long. He's not crawling yet and prefers to stand so maybe he will skip right to walking! No teeth yet but he sure seems to want to make that happen. He recently moved to his own room and the crib from being in the room with mom and dad. That was harder on mom than him (spent 3 nights in a sleeping bag on the floor waking up constantly to check on him... still checking the monitor throughout the night to make sure he's okay!). He has his own inflatable pool he's been splashing in. We are trying to prepare him for parent and me swim classes in July!

We are also getting ready to have mommy home ALL summer long and doing lots of fun things together. We are planning a trip to AZ to visit some family he has yet to meet. There's two weddings this summer in Vegas and we have yet to figure out the bills and see if we can go to either of them (already missing 1 family wedding in Jamaica!). It would be nice to get away for a few days and see family. We plan to spend as much time as we can with friends and family this summer. Yuri Sr is going to take a temporary position at Best Buy and work the overnight shift so it will just be me and the little guy but we will have fun and take lots of pictures so daddy doesn't miss anything!

I hope that all of you have enjoyed the past 6 months as much as we have. Here's to a wonderful summer!