Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baking Play Date

Last weekend, the boys invited their friend Emma and her mom, Sarah, over for a playdate. The kids were having a great time when someone suggested baking cookies. The boys and I bake ALL the time so Yurchik instantly started to grab the ingredients out of their respective areas. We made a space on my island for all the kids to sit with the mixer and everyone took turns putting items into the mixer for our cookies. Once everything was mixed together Yurchik asked if he could be an excavator. Now, Yurchik's idea of being an excavator is using his hand like the scoop bucket of the construction truck to pick the flour up. This usually ends up with too much flour in the cookies or cake or whatever we may be baking but I had a feeling we were in for a bigger mess yet I agreed and the following pictures are evidence of the fun kids can have when mom says they can play in the flour! It's been a week and I'm still finding flour every night when I sweep the flour. It was definitely worth it as the kids had a blast and Sarah had her camera and photographer eye ready to go! I'm pretty sure we spent over an hour with the kids and the swiffers trying to get the downstairs clean and then they all took a bath together in my garden tub. It was a fun playdate! I'm sure we will have many many more (after all Emma and Jr are married).

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 year old preschool

      I have always gone back and forth regarding homeschooling my kids. Honestly, I still do. There's so much violence in the world it makes me want to keep them close at all times. A different part of me knows this isn't real life. They need to find themselves in this world. I know there's good out there and I pray that it always finds us. Last year, for Christmas, I purchased a homeschool curriculum for 2 and 3 yr olds. We started working on it in January and then Yurchik started protesting. "I want real school mom. Not mommy school." So, Sr and I discussed it and we went out shopping around for a house and a preschool; not sure which would make the budget! We found the house first but knowing that preschools fill up quickly we kept looking around. I knew it wouldn't be cheap but I think Sr was shocked how much it could be. We searched and visited a few schools and none of them spoke to me. Then one day, I stumbled upon a school 10 minutes from the new house. We checked it out and I loved it. Yurchik liked it, too. The next week was registration so we signed him up and crossed our fingers we would find the money to send him and if not we knew he would be okay.
    Since February, we continued to work on letters, numbers, etc. We also joined a group of parents that started a preschool co-op. I thought this would be a great addition to our week; meet new people and make new friends, get some academics and socializing in and we can go whether Jr goes to "real school" or not at least all 3 would be exposed more. I thought this was also a great way for them to get some experience taking direction from other adults to adjust to that idea as well. We love the parents and kids in this group and I have recently agreed to co-organize with the mom that started the group. I'm in charge of the Wednesday meetings and had my first  week of  "in chargeness" this week meeting new members and leading group today. I think it's great for the boys and it's really helping me to focus my attention on things I'm passionate about. I've always wanted to be a teacher and am comfortable in that setting. While the house is currently an "arts and crafts explosion" from all the prepping and general crafting I know it will be better once I've got everything sorted out and organized.
      Admist the craziness of this new role for me, Jr officially started preschool. Last week we met his teachers Ms Frankie and Ms Alice and Tuesday was his first official day of preschool. I got a few good pictures and then a real quick one that I sent out to practically every contact in my phone! I thought I'd put the good ones on here so you could see more of his cuteness.
   He had a great first day. He ate most of his lunch (he's picky so it's been fun trying to figure out what to send), didn't have any potty accidents and was well behaved. His only fault for the day was he didn't want to do the craft. I'm not sure what it was but they didn't want to push him and I'm okay with that. I plan on telling them to send home projects if they can and I can work with him at home on them. I also talked to him about listening and doing things the teachers ask so we shall. He loves to do art but he has his days where he doesn't want to and that's alright with me but at school it's a little different sometimes.
  Luca had the hardest time letting Jr go to preschool. Yuri happily went into class without even a goodbye or I love you. Luca tried to follow and the teacher told him no (politely) and Luca fell straight to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. I picked him up and tried to walk out as quickly as I could. Once in the foyer, I reminded Luca we were going to the Splashpad and the tears were instantly gone! Parenting is often about redirection :D.
   While Yuri is at preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the twins and I will probably visit the library for story time, play at the park and miss big brother. All 3 were happy to be reunited at the end of the school day and even happier mom took them for ice cream to celebrate a great first day!
   In the end, we all made it through the first day (Sr may think I held back my tears as I watched my big boy go to class and I may say I had to be tough for Luca's sake...) and I'm sure we will continue to make it through many more!
   Hope everyone is having a great start to the school year (for those that have one). Our love to all!