Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is with both a heavy and a happy heart that I write this blog. Our family is making a HUGE change; one we hope is for the better of our group of 5. We want to be able to afford a home big enough for the kids to thrive in. We want to have a more dependable teacher job market. We want to be happy and healthy and burden free... So...

We are moving! Out of the state! We're relocating to Southern Texas! Yuri is transferring with Best Buy to Pasadena, Tx at the end of the month. Once he is settled, he will begin the search for our new home. Whether we rent for a while and search for our dream home or we buy a starter we aren't yet sure of God's plan. But we feel this is where we are being led to.

It saddens us to think we will be away from our parents, grandparents and extended family.  However, we feel we have to do what's best to ensure a terrific upbringing for our kids and we didn't feel California offered this to us any longer.

We are so grateful that Tetiana and her growing family will be nearby as well as other family members. We are sure we will make new friends that we will be able to call family. We will always be and have family here and are sure in many ways that this will always be home.

So, with that said. Start saving your gas $ and airmiles....we have some vacations and road trips to plan!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yurchik's First Plane Ride

Recently, Jr and my BFFs moved up north. The kids had difficulty understanding the concept of not seeing each other as often as they had been used to. So, Jr and I hopped on a plane to San Jose. We took a short 2 day trip just so he would understand that Bug's new house was far away and all that. Well, he was a terrific travel companion. He went through security and checkpoints, waited at the terminal without running, shouting or throwing a tantrum and even went through the toy store without any problems. Everyone on both flights commented on how well behaved he was and they loved that he walked down the plane aisles with his little cars backpack looking like he knew what to do! On our return flight there was a little girl who was turning 1 the next day. She wasn't as happy of a traveler and Yurchik spent half the flight home playing peek a boo and laughing and showing her his toys just to keep her calm. He truly is a sweet kid. Here's a few photos from our adventure!
Watching the planes at LAX

Waiting to take off to San Jose

At the Golden Gate Bridge

 One of the many carousels we rode

On a roller coaster

 Ready to ride with mom

 On the plane home