Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a week in the life of a single mom...

Having been raised by a single mom for most of my upbringing I was always sure the job wasn't easy. I watched my mom sacrifice, fight and love for me with all of her being. She has done an amazing job in my opinion; of course she was raised by a fierce woman as well! Having these women in my life as well as many women I now consider second mothers to me has shown me the true strength women have. That bring said it has never been a goal or ambition of mine to raise kids alone.  It seriously is no joke!

During the day it isn't that difficult as nothing has really changed. The boys and I are used to waking up after daddy leaves for work. We are used to meals and play dates just us. It's dinner to bedtime that's the hardest time of the day. Daddy coming home from work is a huge deal; more than I probably ever truly realized. I miss the ability to do simple Things independently such as using the restroom.  I miss calling or texting him to stop at the store because we are out of milk or I forgot something needed for the night's meal.  I miss Jr asking daddy to play outside or help him with something I've already done 100 times throughout the day. Baths, bedtime and dishes are tough. I know neither of us are perfect and that we both have our share of complaints and I know one of my biggest has always been that I feel Sr doesn't interact enough with the kids; yet I'm finding that the time he has spent is invaluable and has kept me borderline sane the past 16months.  I know this experience is going to have more difficult days ahead but I feel they will help me to become a better wife and mother.

Now that I've had a chance to get my emotions out here's a few pictures of our week without daddy.