Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, May 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home....

Not quite yet. I'm quite annoyed with this fact as I believe it's due to laziness by Anze's night nurse last night as dad fed him 55 CCs at 6, mom fed him 60CCs at 9 both via a bottle and for some reason she fed him through a tube for his next feeding. Since he took a tube feed (gavage) he did not drink 8/8 from breast or bottle and cannot come home. A nurse he has had multiple times came in to say goodbye and was quite upset that he wasn't leaving. She actually told me to complain about this issue. I just might as it is really bugging me. Regardless, he had a MRI today to check out his brain which his standard weekly ultrasound showed decrease from last week's so that is great news. Not sure what the MRI results are yet. So... hopefully he will be home Sunday or early in the week.

This week's doctor also hinted that Luca could come home next weekend. He has been off his oxygen for 48hrs and is taking a bottle every other feed. I have noticed so much growth from him this week. He started out with oxygen. He would need to be supplemented when breastfeeding because he would tire out. He also had strict feeding guidelines and was usually gavaged the remainder of his feed after nippling. Today he drank a full feeding from the breast as well from a bottle for his other feeds without oxygen. He did have some drops in his pulse ox levels from time to time but he was able to pick it back up and recover on his own without supplemental oxygen. We are so proud of him! We are proud of all our kids actually!!!

So, we will keep you posted on their homecomings and all that that entails as it happens. Now I just have an extra day or two to clean!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

PS- Anze is 6lbs and Luca is 5 lbs 12 oz!!!!

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