Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Excuses Excuses

Last week Thursday the dr in Luca's room wrote on his chart that he would be discharged Tuesday. On Friday, the oxygen equipment was ordered and delivered so we were ready to bring him home. His MRI was scheduled for Monday morning. The weekend went well- no feeding issues or anything else. Monday came and they gave him his sedatives to do his MRI. Well, he didn't become sedated at all!!! He was still a wiggle monster after 2 doses of medication so his MRI was rescheduled for Tuesday morning. His nurse said as long as he eats well he could still go home before shift change Tuesday night. Tuesday morning came and after readjusting the dosage he was able to fall asleep and get his MRI done. So you can only imagine the frustration when we called to see what time he would be discharged only to hear that he needed an apnea monitor that was just ordered so he wouldn't be able to go home until Wed. Frustrating for sure after Yuri took the day off of work- his last vacation day, to bring his son home. Soon thereafter the rep who was bringing the machine to the hospital called to see when we would be there that afternoon so she could show us how to use the machine. She was ready to bring it since he was being discharged that day. So excitedly I got ready to go to the hospital so he could come home. NOPE. The dr didn't want to send him home on sedation meds even though he was eating just fine. I convinced the nurse to call him and ask him again. I gave all the excuses I could; busy day, dad took the day off today, etc etc but the dr never answered the call. She decided to call the on-call dr to see if they would sign off....

Are you ready for this?!... He can't go home until he has had the formula supplement added to his breastmilk for 24hrs to ensure he tolerates it well. Now please tell me WHY NO ONE ADDED IT TO HIS DIET EARLIER SINCE HE'S BEEN SCHEDULED TO LEAVE SINCE THURSDAY!!!! Why wasn't the monitor added to his order?! I just don't understand what has happened to the wonderful NICU experience we had for 6 weeks? It seems that once the boys hit that 6 week mark everything started to go wrong. Anze's night nurse messed up his feedings and everything has been awry since...

Believe me, I am taking my kindly worded suggestions to the suggestion box and my middle son/oldest twin home today. There cannot be any more excuses to why he needs to stay. I wouldn't be as upset if someone said he wasn't ready to go home- that's fine. But don't tell me you're sending him home just to change your mind a million times because you forgot to do what you needed to do. It isn't fair to us as parents, to his family and friends that are praying for him, to his poor nurse yesterday that got the brunt of my frustration, to our pocket book for paying for another day of care or to him being away from his family. Here's to a happy blog about a complete family of 5 tonight or tomorrow morning!!!!

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