Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cannot believe it's been 5 weeks!

The boys are doing really well. Both have started practice latching on to mommy. Anze is doing a great job once he is on. Luca is taking his time; he's more interested in looking around at all the people observing him than actually eating!!! Such a character. Anze is at 3 feedings a day via bottle/ breast and Luca is at 1 (just breast). They are being reevaluated tomorrow to see if they can go up to more per day. Luca will also try the bottle again and see if his coordination (eating and breathing simo.) has improved. They both passed their first eye exams!! No signs of any issues yet but preemies are (as with everything else) more prone to things (such as lazy eyes like mom) so we shall see. Anze is receiving a shot 3x a week to boost his red blood cell count along with iron. Hopefully that will help. If they don't see an improvement they will transfuse him to see if that helps.

Anze is weighing in at 5lbs 5oz and Luca is 4 lbs 13oz. They are just growing leaps and bounds. In fact I had to swap out all of their preemie clothes for newborns. Many preemie outfits were too tight in general but they all were too short... I guess they got the tall jean that Jr missed out on!

Jr has had a good week. He is talking more and more every day! It is soo neat to hear him communicate. He doesn't have a lot of patience lately and does try to throw the "terrible 2" tantrums which we ignore. Hopefully he will get over it soon or he will learn quick that he has to be patient with 2 brothers around.

Mom and dad are well also. Dad's been working a lot still and mom has been over doing it (cleaning, errands, and a 3 mile walk for the March of Dimes with my mom)... but all is well. Thanks to everyone that has helped us this past week (Nina for cleaning, Gma Mary for babysitting and cleaning, Katie for food and errands). It has really helped me get things done. Hoping I get more done this weekend while Jr spends the night with Gma Pat. Mother's Day is up in the air still but I plan to spend a portion of it with my handsome boys in the NICU a portion with my boys at home and hopefully a portion with the moms and gmas that are local. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a fantastic Mother's Day! Love to all

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  1. I've said it before Scoober, you're the best!! The grand-twins sound as if everything is in the right direction, YAY!! Proud of YOU and your MOM!!! "Newborn" attire, they are growing so. Nothing but the BEST to you all, I LOVE YOU!!! GO TERRIBLE TWO'S!!!!!!! And of course, Hi Panzer! XXXXXXXOOOOOOO Yurchik sounds like he doing quite well too, GREAT!!! Will await tomorrow's blog, patiently.