Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our home as of 3/14/13

Hi everyone, I'm hijacking Dani's Blog to post pics of our new home being built.  Since this is easier then sending out an email that would be about 90 MBs or so and might cause some peoples email to have fits. So here we go...

Here is the front of the house with the garage on the right and porch and front door on the left.

Front porch

Entry Way, coming in through front door, to the left as you walk in is the Powder Room.

Powder Room, just a poo disposal system & a place to sanitize your hands after disposing of said poo.

Great Room... Living Room/Dining Room/Party Room/well you get the idea...

Kitchen Island Counter.

View from behind kitchen island into great room.

Dani's Laundry Room

Den, well I guess the entry way into the Den to be more precise.

Where my TV goes, on other side of this wall is the Den closet where all of my equipment is to be going... As Dani put it out of sight out of mind. & she won't see those pesky UGLY wires.

Stairs to the 2nd floor... If they went down it would go to the basement, but they don't.

Top of stairs, entry to Game Room.
Game Room Window/ Reading window seat.

Tech Area... To be built at a later date by me.

Master Bedroom, looking back to Game Room.

Master Bath Tub... rest of the bathroom is just like any other bathroom... but the Tub makes the room.

Master Closet.

One of the Kid's rooms, back of house one...

Is that a great pic of the other kid's room, yea I thought so too.

Kid's Bathroom

This blog has been interrupted by cuteness

cuteness over

Ok and on we go

Left Side of house

Right Side of House

Who can guess the difference between this photo & the one above?

If you said guy with head out of just installed window... you are wrong... Answer we were looking for is siding.

Back Yard, which is still too small in Delusional Dani World, but in Everyday World it's just right. <3 babe=")</p" you="">

Back of house looking at the window in the Den.

Back of house looking at back door

And there you have it, our Brand New House Smelling Home... smells like Mexican & Cigarettes... Which is alright, cuz I got a gnarly craving for tacos right about now... Until next time l8r

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