Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hijacked Post: Part Deux... We has Walls & a Roof...

Hi, it's me Yuri again, and this week we has roof & walls on the new house. & a smiley face window... Or Angry Face.

 Come inside, stay awhile and listen.
 Front Door

 Front of the house.

 Panoramic view of the front of the house, lots of panoramic shots in this post.  Hey I found a new toy on my camera phone. So bare with me.

Left side of house

 Right side of house

Picture of our street sign.... with our house in the background... What not what you came here for?  Fine....

Back Yard

Powder Room, AKA front of house potty.

Stairs, Looks like they are getting ready to put in our Mission Style Railing 1st rake only, but I could be wrong.

Great Room, looking at Den.

Great Room Looking from Kitchen

Great Room, Looking from Back Door

Great Room, Looking from behind where Dani was in previous photo.

Utility Room

Garage, Opening on the right leads into Utility Room.

Back Door, well Back Door Opening I guess... angle is bad but the door is open with our actual back door. You can see the back door in earlier photos (it's a glass door)


Den, Looking out to Great Room

Game Room, Looking from Window towards Master

Game Room Window

Yuri pouting in his room.... errr ummm I mean Kids' Room (Front of House)

The other Kids' Room (Back of House)

Master Bedroom

Better look at Master Bedroom.

Master Bath

I think this is the Master Water Closet.  That box thing is the Telephone/Cable Drop.  That box faces into the Master Closet.

Look at all that room to put all the kids crap... I mean noisy toys grandparents buy the kids... I mean all of mine & Dani's crap.... yea that one.  <3 all=")</p" you="">

& that concludes this episode of Cribs, the Poor People Version, yet not Poor enough to suck the Government Dry of money to support me.... errrr anyways... Until Next Week.  Good Bye.

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  1. Thanks Yuri, i love the blog updates as well as the pictures being sent !!! I'm soooo proud of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Ya'll