Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Thursday, March 14, 2013

La La Land

 (written 3/1/13) Every time I write a blog I say I'm going to be more consistent. I apologize that I haven't been. Things have been a bit hectic here in Texas. The kids have been sick, we've been sick, family has been in town...and beyond all of that we have started the HOME BUYING PROCESS! We found a development with a floorplan we LOVE and the building has begun! Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and it will be ours come June. I, personally, have been hesitant to tell anyone in case the mortgage loan falls through or something  crazy happens and we don't get the house. The embarrassment of that is something I haven't and don't want to face. I'm putting all my trust in God that He will make the path smooth and as painless as possible. This week the builders will begin the framing for our lovely 2,526 sq ft home in Katy, Tx. The kids are loving the opportunity to watch all the trucks and workers build our house. We can't wait to have the space for them to grow and play and just enjoy life! Home ownership is a scary ordeal though! There's SOOO much to think about and do... We started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (what a great class!) and he said something about owning a house and we just had to laugh because it was everything we've been dealing with lately. Despite the drama, the fear, the heartache....we just want a bigger kitchen! LOL LOL LOL... The house we are renting has a terrible kitchen. Luca and I don't fit at the same time and Luca is barely 23lbs!! (although he's gained 20lbs in 2 years when you look at it- GO Luca!). Needless to say, we will be happy to have a bit more room in the areas we need it! So here's a few photos of the lot and the foundation.

So, besides being busy with loan officers, studio personnel and budgeting.... The boys and I have been crafting and working on letter and number recognition. Yurchik announced he wants to go to school, "not mommy school", which was heart breaking and soul warming at the same time. So, we searched long and hard (you understand if you tried to get your kid signed up for preschool after moving and wait lists with kids on them since birth!) and we found a great school for him that we all like. He will start 3yo class in September!!! It's a 2 day a week "Mom's Day Out" program although I'll still have 2 at home so it will be like a "1/3 mom's day out" for me! It will be great for him to socialize with others besides "the guys" and for the twins to have some time apart from his as well! Now to break him from the pull-ups (your lightning mcqueen diapers can't go to school...)!

Here's some of our moments of fun! I still can't believe the twins will be 2 on Easter Sunday!! It's amazing how quickly time goes by. Looking back at all the things they've overcome I am completely overwhelmed by them! They have grown so much and they are so different from one another. I can't imagine life without either of them!! We are so blessed!

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