Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Livin the Texas life

I remember the first "rodeo" season we experienced in Texas. It was February. My mom was visiting and we were on our way to a "bounce house" when we were stopped. Literally, stopped. It was like time slowed down as we sat waiting to make a left turn for what felt like hours and far off in the distance we saw horses. Miles of horses. Apparently, trail riders as they are called, were blazing their trail through West Houston to the rodeo. My mom and I sat in the car stunned. Well, a few years now and I've manage to "avoid" the traffic creating trail. This year however, we faced it head on (sort of). I found out that a group of riders from the Salt Grass Trail Riders were going to literally blaze their trail passed our house. I embraced the Texas of it all and took the boys across the main street to a parking lot outside a church where we sat in the car and waited for a sign. Then we saw them. Hundreds of horses, dozens of covered wagons were coming down the street right passed us. We braved the 40 degrees to go out and wave. Lots of people said Hi to my little batmen and spiderman as they rode by. We counted horses (or at least we tried) and wagons and noticed how unique each horse (and donkey) was. The boys enjoyed it and I thought it was neat, too. It was a much better experience than being stuck on an off ramp too far to enjoy it. Next year the boys will be in school and we will likely miss it so I'm glad we took the time. Here's a few pictures. They aren't the greatest as it was freezing and the sun was bright so I couldn't see the screen to view what I was shooting. Memories all the same.

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