Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Triple Bunks!!

Our neighbor was redoing her guest room that had a few twin beds in it. She wasn't going to use them anymore so she gave us the mattresses for the boys when they were ready to outgrow their toddler beds (toddler beds use crib mattress, so they are still small). Well, probably a year ago, Sr and I found this blog post about a family making their own triple bunk beds. We loved it. It seemed simple so we figured we would do it when the time came.
     Well... the boys started asking about the beds we got and when they could use them... and in true preschooler form they didn't stop asking.
       My mom came at the beginning of the month and I mentioned it to her and well... we ended up with a project! Here's a few photos of the process. The beds are not finished yet. We plan to add a guard rail on the end of the middle bunk and maybe extend the top bunk's as well. Then of course, there is some painting requests and the typical odds and ends that every project incurs. I promise to get a picture up of the final project when it's done (don't hold your breath!).
   I'm super proud of my husband and all the hard, back breaking work he does for us at home and on the job. He's just amazing!!
 Mom and I wrote versus of inspiration and aspirations for the boys on each of their bunks

 The boys helped daddy as much as they could. They loved every moment.

 I took some material and made curtains for the "cave" space.

 Sr is working on the top bunk's ladder here

 Luca testing out the ladder

 The mostly finished product! Yuri is on the top, Anze in the middle and Luca on the bottom- they chose.

 Adding their own decor

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