Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Home is where...

                  The littlest Motruks are... This new house is AMAZING! All of our furniture is in and mostly put together and placed where we want it and there's still plenty of room for Yurchik to do his running! We've already had plenty of injuries to christen the house and boy have they left their marks! Luca was first. Mr Wreck It Ralph of course had to be the one! His story is actually quite ingenious albeit the landing at the end. While we were loading and unloading the furniture and boxes up and down the ramp of the rented moving truck the boys realized they could push their little tikes car and firetruck up into the truck and then ride it down the ramp. As I said previously, ingenious. We only have 2 little tikes so 1 of the boys has to sit out a turn. Well, Luca decided he wanted to push Yurchik down the ramp in the firetruck... Unfortunately for Luca, gravity and momentum exist. The firetruck took off and Luca went down. He has a nice road rash on his forehead now! It scared me half to death as we were at the front of the truck and thought he may have fallen from inside. Luckily, he had almost made it to the end! The things kids will do while you're talking to your new neighbors!
                   Yurchik was the next one to injure himself. The two lots next to us are at the very beginning of building. Yesterday, the placed the foundation frame in the house right next to us to get it started... this requires a LOT of watering of the soil. Needless to say, the boys are in LOVE with the mud. So, after cleaning them off and distinctly telling them to stay out of the house because they had slippery feet and we have hardwood floors... See where my story is leading?! Yes, Yurchik slipped and landed on his cheek just as Teta and Jackson came over! His bruise is now fading as is Luca's road rash (Anže's knees had already met with a tough landing a day or two prior so he was walking around saying hurt and kissing his own knees to make them feel better so he was banged up prior! Life with 3 boys is rough, literally!!!)
                So, as I said, we are mostly settled in. There's still things at the other house and it still needs to be cleaned before handing in our keys but we are in. Before we moved we made a list of things we wanted and needed. It's amazing how long those lists can be yet how much can still be missed!!! It's the little things too... a 2nd hose for the front yard, non slip mats for under the couch and rugs. We also have temporary shades in most of the house because we can't agree on what we want for window dressing and don't have funds for anything fancy at the time anyway. For the most part we have a functioning home (the couch sliding across the house is the only thing we really need to fix!). It's exhausting moving 2x in less than a year. Of course, we hired movers to move everything 1,500 miles and they did so spectacularly. I moved everything 15 miles and broke 3 bowls and some of my shot glass collection! LOL
       We've also met quite a few neighbors (not that we have many yet!). A few have kids around our boys' age and ALL but 1 ARE boys (the one girl is a b/g twin with a big brother around the same ages as our older brother then twins!)! Our kids will have many friends to play with which is fantastic! ALL of our neighbors are really nice so far as well. It's amazing how having nice neighbors can affect how at home you feel as well!
       Obviously, the house isn't put together enough for photos but I'm hoping to have everything done at the other house so that I can focus on this one in the next week or so (minus the cleaning and turning in the keys...but I have until the end of the month for that!) then I promise to post pictures of our "decorated" home. I'm sure it will be different to see the house with furniture in it compared to the plethora of building photos you've seen! Hope everyone had a happy 4th!

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