Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Official We Own a Home Post!

Well, here I sit waiting for Sr to get off of work so we can go down to the title company and sign away the next 30 yrs of our money! LOL...  That's right! We bought a house! For some of you, this is totally new information and that's all on me. I really didn't want to announce to the world we were building and then have something happen and it all fall here it is! Now you know! While sitting and pondering the idea of packing for the 2nd time in less than a year; I realized we never updated family with the FINISHED house pictures! Obviously, once things are in the home and decor has been added we will post again although Yurchik says he doesn't want to bring stuff to the new house because there won't be as much room to run; hard life of a 3 year old! Anyway, here's the final pictures before the move in!

 Playing on our front porch Front door

 The finished powder room

 Stove and Microwave

 Sink and dishwasher being modeled by 2yo

 Close up of stove and micro

 automatic garage door opener... Yuri Sr is very excited about this!

 Sideways view of laundry room

 Ceiling fan

 Back of the house

 Finished stair rake

 Master bath

 Looking down the stairs

 Already love playing here!

 Water filter/purifier. We also got an awesome filter/air purifier for the a/c unit to have hospital grade air in our home! It will be wonderful for Luca and perhaps allow the cat allergic family members to visit us without issues.

Well, there she is! We will send out new address info shortly! Thanks for all your support and prayers along this journey! We do appreciate all of you! We love and miss those of you who aren't Texans with us!

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