Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Yurchik has always had a sweet spirit. When his brothers were born he was always helping to take care of them-even though he was only 18 months old when they came home! Today, was just another example of his kind heart, generosity and selflessness. Sometimes, ad mist the chaos of the day to day activities I find myself becoming a reactionary parent. I'm trying every day to not be but when potty training multiple kids at the same time my patience has been quite low. And don't get me wrong because immediately following this incident my car became a zoo and the animals were going crazy. 3 boys screaming over each other to tell mom something isn't my idea of driving friendly or safely honestly! I almost pulled over... Instead I distracted them and we made it to our destination... Anyway, here's what happened today. Hopefully, it will make your heart smile just like it did mine.

Driving down the frontage road before getting on the freeway we stop at a light. A homeless man opens his crinkled, tiny piece of cardboard where "homeless and hungry" is scribbled. Jr, being 3 is not quite able to read any of those words (in, out, stop... sure but not that sign). Still, he quietly asks,
 "mom, do we have snacks he's hungry?"
Me, "no bud I don't think we have any snacks in the car today."Jr, "mom. Do you have my money with you. I buy him snacks?!"Me, "no, you're money is at home in your bank."Jr, "oh...ok...but mom, we should keep snacks in the car all the time. Some people need us share with them."
Talk about taking your breath away! 

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