Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, November 25, 2011

Twins' First Thanksgiving

I was so excited this year for thanksgiving. JR's birthday was just a few days before; I was recovering from a random cold and family was in town that had yet to meet my little men. It was the perfect recipe for a perfect day. I think what I was really excited for was that all of my boys were big enough to sit at the table at eat with the family. Yurchik's first Thanksgiving he was 4 days old... it was tough for even mom and dad to sit at the table! His second Turkey day was the big unveil of the twins' anticipated arrival so this year the whole family would be there and participatory. Big deal in mom land I guess! LOL....

Well, the day started out alright. We left the house on time, arrived before food was ready and had plenty of pre-food mingling time with family. The food was great as well. I think this was the first thanksgiving I ate the sweet potato/yams... something I've grown to love since making my own baby food. Yurchik didn't want to sit at the table for long but was a trooper and even ate the turkey! The twins started chowing down on mom's homemade carrots and store bought ham in gravy (I have yet to perfect the meat puree...) followed by their favorite mixed berries. They acted as if they hadn't eaten all day (which is typical!). Then they sat and played while the "adults" ate their turkey dinners. Everyone was happy and their stomachs were overinflated (at least mine was).

Then things spiraled downhill it seemed. Luca in typical fashion started his grunting/ hot pink face letting the world know he needed to g. o. if you know what I mean! Well, Auntie Glo took it upon herself to change him. Well, he pooped through the diaper, up the back and in the process of being changed was able to smear poo all over the blanket he was lying on!!! Oh the adventures we endure. Well, just as our lovely hostess, Aunt Stacy, had finished cleaning up the poopy blanket Anže projectile vomited all over her buffet, the floor, himself and Auntie Barb. Since Anže is the usual spitter of the two we really didn't think much of it....until he did it again, and again and again... By the time we got home and he stopped throwing up he had changed clothes 6 times! Mom's first experience with a barfy kid and hopefully the last for quite a while.

He slept until 4 or so and then woke up hungry. We gave him some pedialyte and he fell right back to sleep until 7:30. He drank some more pedialyte and is sleeping again. Hopefully, it was just something that didn't agree with his stomach or he just overate... needless to say I won't be feeding him ham any time soon just in case (it was the only new thing so that's where I'm starting).

It was, needless to say, an eventful evening. I'm sure Aunt Stacy won't be having us back for a while after the mess we all made! ;) Hopefully Anže can keep his food down for the day and we can go on with our weekend as planned!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. I have an Exorcist on speed-dial, I'll ring her up for you, LOL..I'm glad everyone got home safe and hope it stays that way!! We're thinking of you all and LOVE YOU TOO!!!!! Grandpers/Piaers/Dadders/Pia