Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, November 25, 2011

Scooter's Jungle

This year we wanted Yuri Jr to have a say in his birthday party. We gave him two pictures; one of a bounce house and one of a guy blowing bubbles. He got to choose which one he wanted. He chose the bounce house. Luckily, we chose a place with bounce houses that does the food and whatnot so it was pretty hassle free for mom! I say luckily because the weather was drab that day. It was cold and drizzly and that would not have worked well if we rented a bounce house or if we had the "bubble man" come. So, the genius struck gold on his choice! The party was a total blast. The kids and adults loved all the different jumpers and activities. The best part in mom's opinion was that they actually put stickers on each gift and wrote down which guest brought it so if the cards were misplaced or anything it was quite easy to know who brought it! It will come in handy when the time arrives to write thank yous (I'm still behind on thank yous from the twins' dedication!! sorry...).

We had a total blast. He had a lot of friends come and got some great gifts. The hard part now is to figure out what he didn't get that he can ask for next since Christmas is only a month away!!

Thank you to everyone that came out and celebrated our big man's 2nd birthday with him! We love you all!!

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