Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Anže has been hitting the milestones one after another and I'm constantly telling myself I need to blog about them. Well, life gets busy and I forget. So... here I am with Jr watching a truck video on my lap way past his bedtime finally blogging.

So here we go... Anže has been rolling like crazy. He just flips himself over stomach to back and back to stomach. Then he changes it up and goes on his back or stomach around in circles so his head is now where his feet were and vis versa. He has also mastered the backward schooch. It's hilarious when he cries because he can't back up anymore!!

December was the month of movement for him in regards to becoming mobile. January is proving to be just as exciting. He started the year off with his first word (although I think he has said Hi before but I've had no witness to verify I heard him correctly!), "Mom"... on mom's birthday!!! Best birthday present ever! (Luca followed a few days later with 'dada" and has continued to say it over and over and over... Anže's mom on the other hand seems to have a birthday gift once in a lifetime because he hasn't said it since! LOL...

Shortly after the mom came his first tooth... he now is known as snaggle tooth!

Just when I thought the milestones would slow he went and gave his first high five to his namesake Anže Kopitar from the LA Kings!! (We were fortunate enough to attend a players meet and greet where we got to meet quite a few players from the team! It was an awesome experience!).

It's only the 10th day of January... I wonder what Anže has in store for the rest of the month!!

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  1. I love this picture!!!! Great to hear about Anze's progress!