Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wreck it Ralph

So, Luca is a crazy little boy. He loves to jump and climb, throw and laugh, the gamut of silly boy things he's got them covered.nicknamed him over and over again. Little Luca, Luca the destroyer, the goofball, and now Wreck it Ralph. Originally, this was because of his constant need to follow behind me and undo my cleaning, or just randomly wreck things ie legos, train tracks, we have a new reason...

Last week, moments before bed time, Luca climbed on to the top of an activity table(toy  table with activities on top). He stood up and before either of us could tell him to get down he was just that; down.

We gathered everyone up and drove to the ER. Luca was a trooper and received 3 stitches in his upper lip. All the boys were given popsicles and we were on our way home.

Today, we went and had the stitches removed and all is well. The scar will be minimal I'm sure. And of course, the days between stitches received and removed he never once stopped climbing, playing or destroying.

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