Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking my Blog Back!

WOW, I have received TONS of compliments for Yuri on his house blogging. He is very excited for this next step in our lives! Having said that, I was the one holding the camera last time we went to the house so I'm doing the post today! We have dry wall! So now you'll really start to see the house coming to life (these are about a week old, the painters are supposed to come today or tomorrow and then they will start putting the cabinets (which are sitting in the garage) in!).

 Standing by the stairs looking at the front door

 Kid walking into closet (Anže ?)

 Looking up the stairs. They haven't started our "mission style first rake" yet.

 The powder room...nothing in it yet!

 Space between the closet and the stairs. I'm thinking my china cabinet will go here...though it may be a tight fit!

 This is standing by the stairs looking straight into the "great room". The kitchen island is on the right as well as the doorway for the den.

 This is standing by the back door looking at the stairs. Where the windows are is the "breakfast" nook

 This is from the corner of the great room between the windows looking straight into the kitchen. The closet space on the right is the pantry. The fridge goes on that wall as well as cabinets and countertop. The doorway straight in front goes to the laundry room. The back wall of the kitchen has cabinets, the stove and overhead microwave/hood. The island will have the sink and dishwasher as well as a few cabinets. I think I counted at least a dozen cabinets. I'm going to have lots of empty room for the kids to play hide and seek! LOL

 This is from the great room windows looking at our backyard. I plan to put trelisse around the electrical box and grown tomatoes and beans and such to hide that and use the space at the same time!

 From the doorway of the den looking in. Yuri is next to the den closet where he will house all of his electronics for the tvs.

 From the far corner of the den looking into the closet of the den.

 From the other corner of the den straight into the closet

 Anže running around the den

 From the same corner  of the den as the previous picture but looking into the great room.

 From the doorway of the den looking straight ahead to the stairs, again kitchen island.

 A straight forward view of the pantry and refrigerator area from the den side of the kitchen.

 Standing where the fridge will be looking towards the den.

 My laundry room. Washer then dryer then utility tub. There's also a cabinet and a shelf that will be included.

The garage. Right behind Sr is the space for the water heater.

 Looking into the laundry room from the garage.

 I believe this is the front room of the kids' from the back of their room looking towards the front of the house.

 The kids' closet in the front room. I think the boys will sleep in this room and the other room will be for a play room until they are older then we will see about bunk beds etc...

 Attic opening

 The kids' bathroom. 

  Looking from the bathroom to the back kids' room.

 From the back corner of the back room towards the closet. I plan to turn the closet into a reading nook.
 The game room. That's a small but comfy window seat!

From the window seat. Door straight ahead is our master bedroom, doorway on the right is the hall to the kids' room and bathroom. A TV will most likely go on that wall.

 From the same corner as above but looking at the "tech area". Yuri plans to build a desk with room for 3 stations so the boys will have a homework area.

 Our master bedroom view from the doorway. That's the bathroom on the right. If you look closely at the bottom right corner you'll see a dark spot. That's the door to the master closet.

 Master bath where Sr is and master walk in closet where Anže is.

 From the far corner of our room so you can see the linen closet (1 of 2) in our bath, the walk in and the doorway to the game room.

 From the corner by the windows looking out.

 The walk in closet

 The extra big tub in our bath.

 There's the 2nd linen closet in our bath. We could have had a separate tub and shower but we have one in our current rental and it's a pain to clean it in my opinion so I opted for the traditional combo.

 Panoramic of the upstairs game room

 Panoramic of the master

Yuri went this week as did I as we wanted to see the brick they got up on the exterior. I didn't have the camera so I don't have pictures. I'm sure Mr Blog Hijacker will post pictures of the exterior the next time he has a free moment! 

Hope you enjoyed Dani's tour of the house... sorry I'm not as quip as my husband!

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