Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1 year check up

The boys went to the pediatrician today. Although they still have affects from their Easter cold and she advised giving Luca some albuterol to help him sleep because he sounds a bit wheezy, she was overall quite happy with them. So... here's the stats:

Anže weighed in at 18lbs 14oz. That's a gain of 15lbs 3 oz since birth! AMAZING. He measured 29 1/4in in length, that's 13 in since birth!

Luca weighed in at 16lbs 15oz. A gain of 13lbs 8oz since birth. He measured in at 28 in long, a gain of 11 3/4 in since birth.

I am amazed at how big they are! They have come sooo far in such a short time. Even though they are in the 5th percentiles for the weight (and that's adjusted for prematurity) they are still doing great. The doctor would love to see them hit the 50th percentile by the time they are two. I'm sure that they will make this mark as they have met every other expectation set for them to date. Next month they go to the Stramski developmental center where they get evaluated for EVERYTHING! Hopefully, nothing will be astray. So far, we haven't seen any issues from Anže's brain bleeds or Luca's heart murmur so we don't expect anything to come from them for the rest of their lives.

In other news, they are both dancing to music, cruising the furniture, eating table foods and mimicking their older brother! In fact, at their PT appt yesterday Luca climbed up 4 stairs and reached across to a table to grab a toy. The therapist called him a daredevil. I'd have to agree. I should take a picture of his head which is full of scrapes and bruises. My boys are all boy without a doubt. They are constantly climbing and falling, playing in the dirt, water or whatever else they can find to make a mess! I absolutely love it! We are having a blast enjoying the new toys they got for their first birthday; especially the bike trailer. We haven't been able to go on bike rides as a family since they came home and now that we can put all of them with us we plan on taking lots of rides around town! They love the rides (not the helmets!).

We are excited to see what else God has in store for us as we move on from the life of parents with preemies to the life of parents of 3 toddlers!!!! It's going to be a lot of work but so much fun!

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