Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday x2

Luca cut his first tooth yesterday. We never thought he'd get teeth (he's still working on hair too!)... Anže now has 4 teeth and Jr a mouthful. It's bittersweet that all my boys are growing up. It really does go by so quickly. People say that in passing all the time and you smile and nod when inside you're screaming for time to slow down so you can grab the camera and preserve the memories because they disappear faster than they seem to appear. I've always felt this way about Yurchik but with the twins it seems surreal. They are my miracle babies and preserving every milestone is of utmost importance. I know I can't ; even if I blogged all day long I would surely miss something. But there's one thing I can't miss... their 1st birthday. The day that marks a momentous occasion in their lives... they fought and survived and have thrived for an entire year. As they get older it may not seem as grandiose, but we are surely going to rock the first year anniversary of their surprise, premature arrival and the 366 days since that they have lived showing the world how strong and brave they are. They are out to prove to the whole world that they are going to do big things; change the world. I think they have already... At least the lives of those around them. I think we all take less for granted and we appreciate the little things more since their arrival. At least I know Yuri and I do. Every day is a new day with new blessings, milestones and memories. I hope that this next year brings more memories than can be remembered, more smiles than can be smiled and more love than can be loved for all... Happy Birthday Luca and Anže. Your family loves you both so very much!

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