Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Zoo

Yesterday we took our first trip to the zoo. I couldn't believe we hadn't taken Jr to a zoo yet!! Once we got there and I was buying tickets I suddenly realized all the places we needed to go before he turned 2 (after that he's not free most places LOL!!). I guess the next month will be jam packed visiting museums and such! We are thinking that will be a fun Christmas gift (memberships to places) and a great way to spend our time together! We had a membership to the Aquarium but he suddenly hated to go there so we didn't renew it. He is in to fish now and perhaps we will try again soon.

Anyway, we went to the LA Zoo because Buddy the T-Rex from Jr's favorite show Dinosaur Train was going to be there to take pictures with the kids. I was super excited. So the boys and I snagged Auntie Glo and we were off. Bug and her parents met us there and we had a nice day together seeing the animals. Yuri really wanted to go in and be with them. I think a petting zoo is going to be next on our list so he can interact with the animals!

The weather was on the warmer side so we tried to keep ourselves in the shade when we could. We all realized we are extremely out of shape and walking up the hills pushing a triplet stroller or carrying a toddler is a LOT of work! Everyone survived with few tears shed and the twins even napped!

I can't wait to take them on another zoo trip (perhaps the Santa Ana Zoo since it's flat! ;)...)
Pictures will be up on shutterfly and facebook soon!

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