Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Yurchik loves his rubber duckies. He seems to have a million of them. They are different sizes, colors, themes and he loves them all. The ride the rodes like his cars (which he loves as well) and he always has to have one wherever we go. Tonight we went to dinner in Long Beach and in the center where the restaurant was located is a water area... little ponds with fountains. As we walked around we came upon REAL ducks. Yurchik freaked out! He was saying "duck, duck, duck" and went to try and get one. They of course, jumped into the water and swam away and he just watched in amazement. He knew they were ducks. Real ducks and rubber duckies look nothing alike. I was in awe! On top of that there is a house a few doors down with fake ducks in their bushes. Well, he spotted them as well! He truly is a genius just like his poppy says!

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