Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

This week we went with our preschool co-op friends. We were there ALL day (10-5 without napping and only having kettle corn and other snacks from home plus a million water bottles). It was the perfect day to go. The clouds were hiding the sun and it even rained for a few minutes while we were there! My wonderful photo friend showed up camera in tow just as we were heading to the pumpkin patch so of course she grabbed her trusty camera and documented the adventure. If the boys look a bit tired in some of the pictures it's because it's about 4pm by the time we made it that way after riding the different trains, seeing the farm animals, jumping on the giant pillows and sliding the slides plus all the walking it took to do everything! I was exhausted! LOL We had attempted to leave many times but each time as we approached the exit a new friend came along and the boys wanted to play with them! Unfortunately, I only have the pictures from Sarah to share as my phone was dropped in juice last week and I had yet to receive the replacement delivery and I couldn't find the charger for the regular camera. I was so glad they decided to come so that we could get a few pictures; plus her pictures are going to be far superior to mine!

Hope you're all enjoying the fall season as well!

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