Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baking Play Date

Last weekend, the boys invited their friend Emma and her mom, Sarah, over for a playdate. The kids were having a great time when someone suggested baking cookies. The boys and I bake ALL the time so Yurchik instantly started to grab the ingredients out of their respective areas. We made a space on my island for all the kids to sit with the mixer and everyone took turns putting items into the mixer for our cookies. Once everything was mixed together Yurchik asked if he could be an excavator. Now, Yurchik's idea of being an excavator is using his hand like the scoop bucket of the construction truck to pick the flour up. This usually ends up with too much flour in the cookies or cake or whatever we may be baking but I had a feeling we were in for a bigger mess yet I agreed and the following pictures are evidence of the fun kids can have when mom says they can play in the flour! It's been a week and I'm still finding flour every night when I sweep the flour. It was definitely worth it as the kids had a blast and Sarah had her camera and photographer eye ready to go! I'm pretty sure we spent over an hour with the kids and the swiffers trying to get the downstairs clean and then they all took a bath together in my garden tub. It was a fun playdate! I'm sure we will have many many more (after all Emma and Jr are married).

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