Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just a small update

Not much has happened in the past week or so since last update other then grass being put in, in the front & back yards, and counter top in the kitchen so with out further jabbering on from me...
 Master Bath with Tile in shower & on floor... sorry don't have a pic of the floor

 Kitchen with Tile Backsplash... And it's of a tile that we DO NOT like, some of the tiles pallet is too yellow and some are white (those ones we like) so tomorrow when they do a construction walk it will be brought up. (We talked with one of the sales people and she came by and saw what we were talking about)

 Island Counter Top 

 More Island counter top

 Kids running around.

 Kid's Bathroom Sink
 Kid's Tub

 Front Yard
 Back Yard
More Back Yard

And that's pretty much it for now... Hopefully they will be done in 4-5 weeks. Since we are suppose to close on June 6th =)

Hey so, after I told Dani I was doing this blog post she told me there are more pics on the computer already so here you go.

 Front porch Patio

Concrete Address Thingy

 Hey Look Bathroom Tile

OK now that's all the pics, I swear... No more foolin THAT'S ALL OF THEM!!!!

OK 1 more

 Yes that's a Praying Mantis on the blinker, he took a trip with us from our House to the Houston Space Center

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